Tronsmart Jazz Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review: Small but Loud

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We review the Tronsmart Jazz Mini!

There are times that we like to lug around a decent Bluetooth speaker during trips. However, one of our major concerns is size: As much as we want a small speaker, small speakers do not necessarily give a crisp and clear sound when you pump up the volume to the max. In most cases, the sound becomes distorted at the maximum possible volume.

This is something that the Tronsmart Jazz Mini wants to prove otherwise. This small speaker, which is roughly the size of a brandy glass, packs a 5W speaker that is as loud as your average TV speaker. Tronsmart did some clever tricks to fit the speaker inside a small chassis, and yet deliver a deep bass and full soundstage, regardless of what music you play.

During my test run, I played a variety of songs from Ariana Grande, Joey Bada$$, DNCE, Maroon 5, David Guetta and more, and the Jazz Mini managed to keep the sound quality crisp and consistent throughout several hours of music playback. Yes, for a Bluetooth speaker this small, it is pretty powerful if you ask me.

Aside from being small and powerful, the Jazz Mini has a nice, minimalist design. On top of the speaker, you have a white LED light that illuminates when you turn it on, and when you play music with it. The LED lights surround the volume control knob, which is made from aluminum.

Another interesting design feature of the Jazz Mini is found on the top. The predominantly black surface hides a capacitive Play/Pause button that illuminated every time you tap on it. Aside from the hidden button, there are indicators for the volume level and connection status for both Bluetooth and auxiliary. While it is an elegant touch, we do hope that the next model would have capacitive buttons for fast forward and reverse.

On a full charge, the Jazz Mini can last for almost 7 hours, which matches its advertised rate. Charging the Jazz Mini is done via a Micro USB port found at the back, alongside the power button and auxiliary port. For a price of Php 1,695/$34 (you can get one via Lazada), the Jazz Mini is a great option for those looking for a powerful sounding speaker with a small footprint.




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