Archeer A320 2.1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

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  • Great Bass
  • Easy Setup and connectivity
  • Beautiful look


  • No WiFi for HiFi sound
  • Needs rubber feet to prevent wear and tear


Everywhere you look people are bringing their music with them. And so the audiophile market follows the trend of portability with the ever increasing pressure for higher fidelity sound and longer battery life. Audio company Archeer has taken it one step further and introduced a portable speaker product that pleases the eyes as well as the ears.


I received an email from Archeer to see if I would review their A320 2.1 Channel compact wireless home stereo system.  I have to be honest, without knowledge of the Archeer product line I wasn’t sure what to expect. I decided to do a blind test and just base my review without product knowledge, company history, or price point; just the company name and model number.


A few days later an Amazon box arrived at my door.  Inside the shipping box was the Archeer box with the A320 nestled inside.  While unpacking the box the first thing that struck me was the sheer beauty of the bamboo covering of the speaker.  The soft and warm look of wood is evident throughout my house so the A320 would be a perfect fit for any room in my home.


As I unpacked the rest of the box I found the AUX cord, carrying bag, and USB cord.  I thought Archeer had forgotten the power cord until I read the quick start guide and realized the A320 is actually a portable speaker system.

Build Quality

Looking over the unit, I liked the clean design of the inputs and controls. I could have done without the feel of the fabric wrapping, but that is a matter of personal preference over actual problems with the speaker.  Since it is in fact a portable device there is some concern that over time the material may wear.  I suppose only will tell but the soft dark gray, not quite black, textured material transitions nicely to the bamboo wood in the front and back of the unit.  The material does an adequate job of holding the speaker in place even during higher volumes.  Some consumers might opt for small rubber stick on feet attached to the bottom of the speaker to help decrease wear and tear on the fabric which the speaker rests on.  They will also serve to decouple the cabinet from the surface to reduce resonance.  I think it will be a good addition, and if I decide to keep this little gem, I’ll probably add them myself.

Archeer A320 bottom.JPG

The A320 is equipped with two 5 watt fullrange drivers and a 15 watt subwoofer.  Impressive for a portable speaker, but a subjective listening test will tell if the look of the speaker will match the output. The fully exposed drivers and sub surfaces might cause some sphincter contractions for people with young toddlers and curious fingers.  Not an issue in my house, but worth mentioning.


On the back is the AUX port, DC in via micro USB to standard USB, charge light, and reset button. In addition, near the bottom of the back of the unit is the bass port. On the top of the unit are easy to understand universal symbols for power, play/pause, and volume up and down. In the middle of these buttons is a small led light that will show different functions of the speaker.




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