​Samsung Gear Fit2 v Fitbit Charge 2 : Which fitness tracker is best for you?

Both the Samsung Gear Fit2 and Fitbit Charge 2 are well rounded fitness trackers with a few flaws sprinkled in here and there. The first Gear Fit was beastly and lacked a few needed features which the newer Fit2 has greatly improved on. The same can be said for the updated Charge.

That’s why it’s a difficult decision choosing one over the other. But when it comes down to it, there can only be one – unless you’re cool with wearing a tracker on each wrist. Based on overall design, features, battery life and of course, price, this is how Samsung’s device stacks up against Fitbit’s.

Gear Fit2 vs Charge 2: Design and comfort

Samsung Gear Fit2 vs Fitbit Charge 2: Which fitness tracker is best for you?

The Charge 2 and Gear Fit2 have a similar sporty design but the Samsung tracker has a noticeably larger AMOLED screen. This helps with the vibrant colors and touchscreen which isn’t found on the Fitbit. Rather, the Charge 2 has a black and white OLED screen and uses a tapping feature instead of a touchscreen. You’ll also rely on the side buttons of both devices to navigate the interface.

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