​Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition review : We discover what the Adidas Edition brings to the Ionic party

The Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition, much like the standard Ionic, is still a work in progress. It’s a decent running watch, with accurate GPS tracking and good heart rate skills, and a brilliant health tracking ecosystem – just like the Ionic. The Adidas Edition extras emphasise the worst of this smartwatch, not the best. The added workouts are just a bit of a gimmick, and not really thought through or usable. If you like the upgraded look and can bag it at the same price as an Ionic than go for it – but there’s little extra to shout about here.

Since the Fitbit Ionic was announced back last year, we’ve been waiting for the Ionic Adidas Edition. Fitbit’s partnership with one of the biggest names in sport promised extra love for runners, and a funky new design.

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