Back 4 Blood (for PC) Review

Left 4 Dead returns in the form of Back 4 Blood. Developed by Turtle Rock Studios (the same team responsible for Left 4 Dead), Back

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Hands on: Back 4 Blood Review

First Impressions Back 4 Blood is a promising co-op zombie shooter, with a card-based perk system and wonderfully satisfying gunplay building upon the fantastic foundations

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Everything you need to know about Back 4 Blood Back 4 Blood is an upcoming four-player cooperative game in which players must survive during a

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Over the next year, we’re going to see a surprising wave of cooperative shooters filled with horror movie monsters. Both Aliens: Fireteam Elite and Rainbow

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Back 4 Blood is an action-packed zombie shooter in the same vein as – and from the developer of – the Left 4 Dead series,

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Back 4 Blood is an upcoming co-operative first-person shooter, made by the creators of the zombie-slaying Left 4 Dead series. The new four-player co-op is

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Back 4 Blood, the zombie-blasting co-operative shooter, is getting an open beta testing phase that’s just been announced at the Summer Game Fest 2021. A

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Dying Light was a breath of fresh air into the decayed lungs of the zombie game genre, bringing vibrant parkour and complex melee combat to

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