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Core i9-10900K hits new highs for Intel with amazing 7.7GHz overclock – and world record RAM speeds

Intel’s Core i9-10900K processor is now on sale, and the new Comet Lake 10-core flagship has already been overclocked to 7.7GHz, outdoing the 9900K’s record

Intel 10th Gen desktop CPU: New generation of processors revealed

The Intel 10th gen desktop CPU lineup has finally been revealed and Intel claims it includes the ‘world’s fastest gaming processor’.  The Intel Core i9-10900K

JCB Fastrac Two tractor has 1,106hp and goes 153 mph

Anyone who has ever been in a rural area and ended up stuck behind a tractor driving down the road has wished that tractors could

Watch the Bugatti Chiron smash the 300 mph world record

The Bugatti Chiron is no stranger to records, but its latest is going to take some beating: the first car from a series manufacturer to

10 Fastest Production Cars

1. HENNESSEY VENOM GT Top Speed: 278 mph (estimated) The Hennessey Venom GT holds the current title as the world’s fastest production car. Currently the

Tesla Models S P85D goes 452.8 miles on a charge

Lots of people hypermile their cars, hypermiling is a process where someone drives exceedingly carefully to enable their car to drive the longest distance on

Record setting EV reaches 100 km/h in 1.779 seconds

Students from the University of Stuttgart have landed a Guinness World Record for the fastest acceleration from a standstill. The students set the record in

VW Golf TDI drives through lower 48 states on $294.98 in fuel

Yesterday we talked a bit about Honda and a Guinness World Record that it had set for fuel economy in Europe. Today VW has stepped

Honda Civic Tourer sets World Record for fuel efficiency at 100.31 mpg

Honda has landed itself a Guinness World Record for fuel efficiency using a Honda Civic Tourer 1.6 i-DTEC car to drive across Europe. To set

Nissan Juke Nismo RS sets 2 wheel mile-long driving record

We usually hear and write about cars that set the record straight when it came to speed, performance, eco-friendliness, and other normal metrics, but there

Camera that will take 1000-year exposure to debut tomorrow

Out of all the odd ways one can get a world record, this probably isn’t the oddest of them. Still, one photographer’s plan to take

Updated Dell PowerEdge delivers world record-breaking performance

Dell has delivered a timely update to its 13th-generation PowerEdge server family that includes the company’s most powerful server to date. The new PowerEdge R930