Thinkware F200 Pro dash cam review: Detailed video in a super-small form factor

It’s one of the smallest we’ve tested and can be purchased with a rear camera and GPS. Thinkware’s F200 Pro is the slimmest, least dash-cam-like

Motorcycle Dashcam Challenge: Blueskysea DV988 vs. Thinkware M1

“Hold my beer and watch this!” is one reason to have a motorcycle dashcam, but that is not what motivated me to do this review.

Thinkware F70 dash cam review

With most car manufacturers still not fitting forward-facing cameras of their own, the dash cam market is still thriving. They are often compact, affordable and

Apeman C550 dash cam review: Nice day and night video, but forget the rear camera

The rear camera is a cheap throw-in and there’s not battery or capacitor, but at $83 including GPS and usable night captures, we’re not complaining.


[su_slider source=”media: 44848,44849,44850,44851,44852,44853,44854,44855,44856,44857,44858″ height=”400″ title=”no”] [/su_slider] Thinkware is one of newest innovators in the dash camera market and is looking to both protect and record

Thinkware Dash Cam X500 review: Thinkware Dash Cam X500 records collisions, warns of speed cameras

THE GOOD The Thinkware Dash Cam X500 automatically records and saves driving and collision footage using a wide lens and HD video. GPS encoding on