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Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Version was officially released on April 27, equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 1200 chip, 6GB+128GB priced at 1999 yuan. This phone is specially

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The Redmi K40 Gaming Edition is one of the most interesting new devices on the scene right now and Xiaomi thought it would be fitting to take

Xiaomi Black Shark 4 teardown reveals its secrets as pre-orders start

Xiaomi Black Shark 4 teardown reveals its secrets as pre-orders startSmartphones these days have started to become a tad boring. With few exceptions, each new

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Samsung’s top-of-the-line smartphone this half the year has so far been better received than last year’s Galaxy S model. That may be partly thanks to

Redmi K40 and Redmi K40 Pro teardown video reveals Xiaomi’s LiquidCool Technology heat dissipation solution and modular camera hardware

A teardown video of the new Redmi K40 series has revealed what to expect from Xiaomi’s new flagship killers when they debut globally later this

Realme subjects the X7 Pro to a video teardown

Even though Realme first made the X7 Pro official back in September of last year, the phone only landed in India this month. It should have become available to

iFixit teardown shows the Samsung Galaxy S21 is easier to repair than the S20, still not perfect

iFixit took apart a Samsung Galaxy S21 and gave it a repairability rating of 4 out of 10. While the S20 never got an official rating from

Galaxy S21 iFixit teardown score is nothing to be proud of

There was a time when Apple produced some of the most repair-unfriendly products and while some still do better in that regard, there are now

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While it does look significantly different from the outside, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is, to some extent, an incremental upgrade compared to its predecessor. Almost

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We’re still waiting for iFixit to do its usual in-depth investigation into the innards of Samsung’s early 2021 racehorses but, in the meantime, we’re getting

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As always, Apple launched the AirPods Max with a premium price tag that proved to be controversial even among fans of the company. And as

Why are AirPods Max are so expensive? iFixit teardown may provide the answer

When Apple launched the AirPods Max at the back-end of last year for a whopping £549, eyebrows were certainly raised. Surely they’d be DOA given

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The new Samsung Galaxy S21 phones come with noticeable changes, like a lack of a charger in the box and no microSD card slot, raising

Disassembly video shows the Galaxy S21 internals haven’t changed much since the S20

This teardown video of the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G shows that the interior is quite similar to that of the Galaxy S20 before it. To

ZTE Axon 20 5G teardown takes a peek at the under-display camera magic

Although not as flamboyant as the Galaxy Z Fold 2 or as eccentric as the LG Wing, the ZTE Axon 20 5G actually brought one

ZTE Axon 20 5G durability test inspects the under-display camera

One of the smartphone world’s biggest innovations this year almost went under the radar, partially because of its limited availability. ZTE, however, did eventually make

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Repairing these noise-cancelling headphones could be harder than it looks Repairability advocates iFixit have performed the first partial AirPods Max teardown, and it’s bad news for anyone who might

AirPods Max early iFixit teardown doesn’t bode well for repairs

Apple has never been a fan of third-party repairs and has actively worked to thwart such attempts. Whether it’s by hardware triggers or through some

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Huawei Mate 40 Pro iFixit teardown reveals a repairability mess

Companies don’t like it when other people, at least people not blessed by them, open up their products even if it is in the name

Pixel 5 teardown redeems Google’s 2020 flagship

JerryRigEverything’s Zack Nelson is anything but gentle when it comes to gadgets and machines, which is pretty much the point of the YouTube channel. Although

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Apple’s yearly selection of iPhone models has somewhat become complicated, starting with just one until the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in 2014. This

MacBook Air and Pro M1 teardowns reveal Apple Silicon heart

The iFixit team has published a teardown of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models featuring Apple’s M1 chip. The teardown shows what remains the