Surface Duo

Microsoft invites web apps to support Surface Duo and Galaxy Z Fold 2

The Microsoft Surface Duo and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 have been compared and contrasted but, curiously, Microsoft doesn’t think they’re that different, at least

LG Wing vs Motorola Razr 5G vs Microsoft Surface Duo: Specs Comparison

After the arrival of foldable phones to the market, a lot of innovative devices started coming to the shelves. In 2020, among the best smartphones,

Microsoft Surface Duo review roundup: A unique dual-screen phone with too many issues

A good idea with not-good execution Microsoft Surface Duo officially goes on sale today, but before you drop $1,400 on one, you might want to read

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The Surface Duo is here and that can only mean one thing: iFixit has completed a teardown of it. Foldable devices like the Surface Duo

Surface Duo unboxing — hands-on with Microsoft’s first Android phone

Our first look and design impressions of the Surface Duo, Microsoft’s folding phone Microsoft’s dual-screen Surface Duo is nearly here. Although the device doesn’t go

Why the Microsoft Surface Duo already worries me as an Android user

It’s clearly lacking in specs, power, and versatility. The Microsoft Surface Duo is a smartphone I haven’t tested yet—but based on what I do know, it already

Here’s another good reason to gamble on the Microsoft Surface Duo

The Microsoft Surface Duo will provide three years of Android operating system updates, it has emerged. The device will ship with Android 10 on board,

Microsoft Surface Duo — why its screen isn’t bendy like the Galaxy Z Fold 2

Microsoft doesn’t care for bendable displays The Microsoft Surface Duo is finally here! Microsoft is redipping its toes into the smartphone market for the first

Microsoft Surface Duo release date, price, specs and news

Everything you need to know about the Surface Duo Almost a year since Microsoft first revealed its foldable device to the world, the Surface Duo launches today

Surface Duo release date, price revealed with Snapdragon 855, no 5G

After a long build up and a lot of teasing, Microsoft has officially unveiled the Surface Duo. We’re learning all about the dual-screen Android device

Microsoft Surface Duo: A release date has been confirmed and pre-orders are open

Microsoft’s first phone since Lumia and the Windows Phone finally has a release date. Here’s everything we know about the Surface Duo, including price, specs

Surface Duo launch could be days away: What we know so far

The Surface phone is finally on its way The long wait for a Surface phone could soon be over. Microsoft’s Surface Duo dual-screen smartphone will reportedly be

Surface Neo: Release date, price, specs and design

The Surface Neo was announced late in 2019, revealed my Microsoft to be a dual-screen computing device with a 360-degree hinge. But while the groundbreaking

Surface Neo is officially not coming this holiday

If the rumors are correct, the Android-powered Surface Duo might finally be arriving on August 24. Initially slated for “late 2020” and then to July,

Microsoft Surface Duo could launch in time to battle Galaxy Fold 2

Microsoft Surface Duo could launch soon according to FCC and Bluetooth SIG listings The Microsoft Surface Duo dual-screen Android-powered device looks like it’s gearing up for launch,

Forget the specs, I am still excited by the Microsoft Surface Duo

Recent internet murmurs have suggested we might not have to wait until ‘Holiday 2020’ to get the Surface Duo (aka the Surface Phone) in our

Microsoft Surface Duo: Price, release date, Android and design

Microsoft finally unveiled its first ‘Surface Phone’ in 2019 and it now looks like we won’t have much longer to wait until we get the

Galaxy Z Fold 2 vs Surface Duo: who will fold and who will win

The foldable phone dream, seeded by Samsung a few years ago, didn’t seem to have generated the market reception its proponents may have hoped for.

Galaxy Fold 2 vs Surface Duo set to be the foldable rivalry of the summer

Microsoft is planning to upstage Samsung by launching the Surface Duo dual-screen Android smartphone, according to new reports. Windows Central reporter Zac Bowden’s sources say

Surface Duo dual-screen phone could debut next month

There may have been some collective disappointment when Microsoft once again put on hold the realization of its long-overdue Courier device, a.k.a. the Surface Neo.

Microsoft Surface Duo: Rumors, release date, price and what we want

Microsoft’s first foldable may be the first foldable worth buying Rumors of a dual-screen Microsoft Surface device had been circulating ever since the Courier concept

New Microsoft Surface Duo leak hints that foldable may have underwhelming specs

With rumblings about the Surface Duo possibly hitting the shelves earlier than its promised ‘holiday 2020’ release, more and more leaks surrounding Microsoft’s dual-screen device

Microsoft Surface Duo could disappoint based on leaked specs

If the Microsoft Surface Duo dual-screen Android smartphone is to impress with its brand new form factor, it’s unlikely to be down to the spec-sheet,

Microsoft Surface Go 2 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 7: What’s the difference?

Microsoft has just announced the Surface Go 2. But how does the new lower-end Surface compare with the Surface Pro 7? The Pro 7 made

Surface Duo still on track for 2020 launch

Fans of dual-screen devices, take heart. Microsoft has not yet abandoned its lofty dreams. The Surface Neo, along with the host of dual-screen Windows 10X

Surface Neo and Duo delay confirmed amid Windows 10X pivot

It looks as if the dual-screen Windows devices like the Surface Duo and Surface Neo will be delayed indefinitely. Microsoft has announced it is refocusing

Surface Neo won’t be out until 2021, and neither will any Windows 10X dual-screen device, rumor claims

Rumor has it that Microsoft has delayed its Surface Neo until 2021, when previously – before coronavirus hit – the expected launch date was late

Microsoft reportedly set to delay Surface Neo – is the Surface Duo next?

The Surface Neo and Surface Duo were announced by Microsoft in 2019, with the company leaving a long lead time up until a Holiday 2020 release. New reports have

Surface Neo: All the facts on Microsoft’s dual-screen Windows 10X device

In an age of folding screen devices, that have been a mixed bag to say the least, Microsoft has opted for a dual-screen approach. The

Microsoft Surface Duo: Here’s our first look at the camera performance

We’ve finally seen the first camera sample from Microsoft’s upcoming new mobile device – so how snap-happy is the new Surface Duo? Microsoft’s Chief Product