Sony PS5

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One of the most anticipated PlayStation exclusives Horizon Forbidden West has been delayed until 2022, according

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Some Sony PS5 owners have expressed concern the new DualSense controller is experiencing issues with drift, and a

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition 4K trilogy remaster is out on May 14

The long-awaited 4K remaster of the Mass Effect sci-fi RPG trilogy will be available on May

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Full compatibility with new generation consoles like the Sony PS5 and Xbox Series X will be

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To say the Sony PS5 has been tough to get ahold of during the first couple

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How the Sony PS5’s most imposing feature will improve over time

The giant cooling fan within the Sony PS5 console will benefit from performance improvements over time,

Who is winning Xbox Series X/S vs PS5 pre-orders? New survey brings clues

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Apple TV Plus coming to Xbox Series S/X and Sony PS5 – reports

The Apple TV app looks like it may arrive on Xbox and PlayStation consoles in the

Bethesda Games on PS5: Will Elder Scrolls 6, Fallout 5 be Xbox exclusive?

Microsoft has struck another early blow in the next-generation console war with its purchase of Bethesda Softworks,

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Sony PS5 set for mid-November – specific release date also mooted

November is shaping up to be an epochal month for gaming. Sony is targeting a mid-November PS5 release

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Game-changing 3D audio? Sony has officially unveiled its next-gen PS5 console – complete with game-changing 3D

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EA pledges free game upgrades to Xbox Series X and Sony PS5 versions

At the end of every generation gamers have a decision to make: whether to buy the