Snapdragon 875

3 Biggest Upgrades of Snapdragon 888

Snapdragon 875 is out; Snapdragon 888 is in! Despite the weird naming scheme, Qualcomm has a competitive flagship chipset in 2021 that will go toe-to-toe


Qualcomm has thrown a curveball with the naming of their new flagship chipset. What was expected to be the Snapdragon 875 has now become the

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888: Performance, 5G upgrades and phones

The next flagship chipset from Qualcomm that’ll power a whole raft of flagship phones in 2021 won’t be the heavily rumoured Snapdragon 875, instead, it’ll

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 will power 2021’s flagship phones

The next flagship chipset from Qualcomm that’ll power a whole raft of flagship phones in 2021 won’t be the heavily rumoured Snapdragon 875, instead, it’ll

Snapdragon 875: Qualcomm reveals new chip and a surprising name

(Qualcomm has just launched the Snapdragon 888, ditching the rumoured Snapdragon 875 name. Not much is known so far, however we’ll learn more as the

Snapdragon 875 and 775G’s AnTuTu scores tipped

December is approaching fast and that means Qualcomm will soon unveil it’s next-gen, flagship CPU along with its upper mid-tier SoC – the Snapdragon 875

Oppo New Flagship Phone With Snapdragon 875 is Confirmed Releasing in Early 2021

Digital blogger today brought news about Oppo New Flagship Phone of Snapdragon 875 next year. In addition to the Snapdragon 875 chip, the phone is expected to

Sony Xperia 10 III could be Sony’s first cheap 5G phone

A new rumor suggests the Sony Xperia 10 III smartphone will sport a Snapdragon 690 chipset, which has powered other mid-range phones launching in 2020,

Samsung Galaxy S21 benchmarks just leaked — and the iPhone 12 is laughing

Leaked Geekbench results for the Galaxy S21 shows it can’t catch Apple Benchmarks for what’s thought to be the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus have leaked, and they

OnePlus 9 Pro may not get an upgrade in this key area

OnePlus has had a busy year, just releasing a twosome of new budget phones to mixed results. However, we’re already looking towards 2021 for the former

Samsung’s first 5nm chip is here, but it won’t debut on the Galaxy S21

Samsung has finally announced its first 5nm chipset, joining the likes of Apple and Huawei and ahead of Qualcomm unveiling the Snapdragon 875. The Exynos

This mystery Xiaomi phone is expected to feature the new Snapdragon 875

Xiaomi releases a lot of phones and we’ve already got a tease of what we could see next from the company. One of the first

OnePlus 9 / 9 Pro Revealed: Snapdragon 875, There are 4 New Models

XDA developers found traces of playing OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro in the OnePlus system. Now, TechDroider has exposed the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro models, among which

Snapdragon 875 Flagship Running Score Appeared: Performance Details!

The new flagship running score of Xiaomi Snapdragon 875 was exposed. There is no doubt that the performance level of this phone has reached the top level.

Snapdragon 875: Everything we know about Qualcomm’s next flagship chip

Apple recently revealed its iPhone 12 lineup – powered by one of the first 5nm mobile chips. Qualcomm is hot on its heels, with the 5nm Snapdragon

LG smartphones reportedly staying away from Snapdragon 875

LG launched three high-profile phones this year but, if you look closely and get past the marketing language, only one of them can really be

Qualcomm reportedly developing its own smartphones powered by Snapdragon 875

Qualcomm is allegedly developing its own branded smartphones, which will be produced in partnership with Asus, according to a report by Digitimes. These won’t just