Huawei Watch 3 gets TRUCONNECT fitness app – still no running/cycling apps with Strava integration

In my opinion, the Huawei Watch 3 has the best hardware experience on any smartwatch currently available, though this may change with the imminent Samsung

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Forget tinkering with Face ID, iPhone 13 needed in-display Touch ID

OPINION: Reports suggest the iPhone 13 will skip under-display Touch ID tech in favour of a revamped mask-friendly Face ID system. If true, Apple has

Psychonauts 2 proves more games need to be made for kids and grownups

OPINION: This week I had the pleasure of reviewing Psychonauts 2 for Trusted Reviews. For me this was a big deal, as I’m actually old

Sound and Vision: Will Samsung’s QD Display technology take OLED to higher peaks?

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Phones are too big and Apple could have fixed this

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Fast Charge: Apple’s the only one with a shot at making foldables mainstream

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Wear OS finally meets its potential in the Galaxy Watch 4

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The Galaxy Z Flip 3 makes a great first impression

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3 things the Galaxy Watch 4 needs to do to beat the Apple Watch

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Samsung’s folding phone duo needs to learn some lessons from Microsoft

Samsung is expected to launch its hotly rumoured new Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 handsets this week, continuing its push to

Fitbit Luxe second opinion: Fashion and fitness can coexist

If you’ve ever dabbled in Fitbit’s ecosystem, you might’ve noticed the new Luxe fitness tracker is somewhat of a departure from the company’s usual suspects.

The TicWatch E3 will get Wear OS 3, making it a better buy

The Mobvoi TicWatch E3 will be getting the new Wear OS 3 software update, a fact unknown when I first reviewed the watch, and it

Pixel 6 is the last chance for a Google flagship

OPINION: The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are both official, with Google deciding to heavily tease its 2021 devices months ahead of the duo’s

KUU Laitnin G3 review: The Chinese laptop with Ryzen 5 inside

The world of Chinese notebooks has certainly grown over the years. If, on the one hand, they still offer low-cost peripherals, on the other hand,

Fallout 76: Steel Reign review

Fallout 76: Steel Reign sees Bethesda try to reintroduce some of the old magic into its online RPG — with mixed results Fallout 76: Steel

The Steam Deck will never replace a real PC

While a creative idea, it’s safe to say that the Valve-made Steam Deck will never be anyone’s favourite console, at least in my humble opinion.

Ferrari F430 Designer Names His Eight Future Classics

Figuring out which cars will be future classics is a difficult task. Much like picking a winning stock in the stock market, we can only

Fitbit co-founder: ‘We lead and others follow’ – here’s where Fitbit’s heading next

Eric Friedman explains where Fitbit is taking us next Fitbit will still lead the way on hardware innovation and new sensors, even after its buyout

MSI Bravo 15 refreshed with AMD Ryzen 5000H CPUs; last-generation Radeon RX GPU remains

MSI has upgraded the Bravo 15, a popular 15-inch gaming laptop that it released last year. The new Bravo 15 features Ryzen 5000H processors and

Olympus 8-25mm F4 Pro vs Panasonic Leica 8-18mm F2.8-4 – The complete comparison

There is no lack of choice when it comes to quality wide-angle zoom lenses for micro four thirds. Some are a bit wider, others have

Improving Healthcare Scheduling with Mobile Apps

With our current situation, it seems impossible to even visit your doctor for a check up. Not only does it seem unsafe to see your

Windows 11 leaks don’t point to a significant upgrade (Opinion)

Microsoft has an event scheduled next week to reveal what CEO Satya Nadella has painted as one of the biggest Windows updates of the past

Square Enix’s Guardians of the Galaxy sounds like an old school gamer’s dream

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Windows 11 launch event, release date, features and everything we know

Is Microsoft going to stop using the Windows 10 name? Microsoft is set to unveil the next version of Windows on June 24. The software

Weekly poll: the Oppo Reno6 trio competes for your attention with 90 Hz screens, 5G chipsets

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Opinion: A Nikon Retro Mirrorless Camera is Everything We Want

If NikonRumors gets this one right (and they have a high success rate of doing so), then a film SLR styled Mirrorless body could be

Audi RS E-Tron GT Vs Porsche Taycan Vs Tesla Model S Performance Drag Race

Can the Tesla Model S beat out its toughest competition from Germany in a drag race? The Tesla Model S has become an internet sensation

Opinion | Why Mac app support could be headed to iPadOS 15 (or why it should)

The reviews for the new M1-powered iPad Pro models are in and most, if not all, agree that the capabiliities of the hardware outstrip the

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Lite, or Tab S7 FE, looks close to release

Now and then, we get some confusion in the mobile leaks world, when alternating leaks (and common opinion) give us varying different names for an