MWC 2021 should be cancelled and everyone but the GSMA knows it

OPINION: Next-month’s in-person Mobile World Congress must be cancelled. The risks far outweigh the rewards and the big tech companies dropping out know it. It’s

Apple is walking a fine line between privacy and convenience

OPINION: Chris Smith believes Apple outperforms rivals in keeping user data safe and unexploited. However, recent moves showcase a slight hint of convenience over privacy

Opinion: The DSLR Is Dead, and Supporting it Is Useless

It’s time to let go of the DSLR because it’s dead and over with. Let’s round up a few facts in this post. The DSLR

Opinion: Do we really need all those buttons and dials?

My first camera, back in the late 1970s, was an Olympus OM-10. The camera body had dials to adjust shutter speed and ISO/ASA, an exposure

Is Google Stadia dead? Not yet, but it feels inevitable

OPINION: Google has squandered a giant opportunity to establish Stadia in the future of gaming. Chris Smith says the cloud game streaming platform is now

NieR Replicant Review

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… looks to rewrite history. The action RPG is an upgraded version of NieR, a cult PlayStation 3 game that received a tepid

Opinion: The Surface Laptop 4 is making the same mistakes as old MacBooks

Microsoft has finally revealed the new Surface Laptop 4, but with the lack of a redesign and some underwhelming spec upgrades, I can’t help but

BenQ TK850i review

Last year, I had the opportunity to review several BenQ projectors, including the TK850 and TK810. While the TK850 had a pretty simple interface, the

Here’s the real reason iPhone 12 mini sales may have lagged – opinion

You’ve probably seen a few headlines today citing the failure of the iPhone 12 mini to capture the imagination of the smartphone-buying public. Chris Smith argues this

Ctrl+Alt+Delete: Gaming laptops are ready to take on the PS5 and Xbox

Struggling to buy a PS5, Xbox Series X or a next-gen graphics card? You’re not the only one with stock shortages making it more difficult

Winners and Losers: Disney Plus unveils its Netflix killer and Joy-Con drift catches up with Nintendo

Need a second take at the week’s best (and worst) stories from the world of tech? Time for another rendition of Trusted Reviews’ Winners and

Fast Charge: Forget the Pixel 4a and iPhone 12 Mini, it’s the Sony Compact I care about

Last year was great for small phone fans, with Apple finally heeding calls for a tiny iPhone with the appropriately named iPhone 12 Mini and

Level Up: Resident Evil Village is the perfect next step for Capcom’s horror franchise

The ‘Capcom Renaissance’ has become a common phrase to describe the Japanese publisher’s recent trajectory.  After languishing in mediocrity for much of the PS3/Xbox 360

HomePod mini update makes it a must-buy for newer iPhone owners – opinion

Apple has delivered the long-awaited support for Ultra Wideband technology for the HomePod mini speaker, providing a great boost for those with the iPhone 11

Winners and Losers: S21 Ultra puts Samsung back on the map, while PS5 scalping gets worse

Been too busy to catch up with the week’s biggest stories? We’ve whittled them down to the two top stories you need to know in

Fast Charge: The Galaxy S21’s biggest competition isn’t what you think

It’s been over a week since Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Ultra and I’ve spent the last few days putting two of

Level Up: Forget the PS5, there’s never been a better time to become a PC gamer

There’s no denying it’s been a tough year thus far for any gamer keen to get their hands on the PS5.  Despite, as we noted

2021 Chevrolet Tahoe RST Review

The Chevrolet Tahoe, as a whole, has been one of the brand’s most successful vehicles. The big three-row is a sales machine, and a very

Sunseeker Predator 74 XPS first look: Heavyweight cruiser gets more visual punch

We don’t reckon the Predator 74 lacks visual punch but if you are of the opinion that it could do with a little more pizzazz

AirPods Max iFixit teardown discovers the reason for the price tag

As always, Apple launched the AirPods Max with a premium price tag that proved to be controversial even among fans of the company. And as

Fast Charge: Even with the S21 Ultra, there’s still room for a Note 21

So, the rumours were true: the Galaxy S21 is here and it supports the S Pen stylus, marking the first time Samsung has offered its

Winners and losers of CES 2021

It’s been a busy week in the world of tech, with the CES 2021 conference unveiling various gadgets from 8K TVs to beer-serving robots. But who were

Fast Charge: Even with the S21 Ultra, there’s still room for a Note 21

So, the rumours were true: the Galaxy S21 is here and it supports the S Pen stylus, marking the first time Samsung has offered its

Level Up: How the PS5 and Xbox Series X are giving old games a new lease of life

Console gaming has always been held back in some ways. Whether it’s through lacklustre performance or image quality which doesn’t reach the full potential many

Winners and Losers: Samsung fans get an early surprise while WhatsApp shocks its users

It might be the first week of 2021, but there has certainly been no shortage of tech-related stories to dive into. Here we are again

Fast Charge: The Galaxy S21 will make CES relevant again in one key area

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a staple event in any tech fan’s calendar when it lands each January, and for good reason. For those

Fast Charge: The iPad Pro 2021 could be the most important tablet of the year

There are rumours aplenty that Apple is gearing up to unveil the 2021 edition of the iPad Pro soon, and I think it’s shaping up

Huawei in 2021: The P50, a Pixel-killing camera and a return to Google?

It’s been a turbulent time for telecoms giant Huawei over the last 12 months, with it continuing to be hit with accusations and sanctions from

Fast Charge: Cheaper 5G, next-gen screens and Magsafe dominate 2020

This past year has been a weird one for a variety of reasons. But one of the positive reasons is the sheer number of awesome

Games like Stardew Valley prove we’re in a gaming golden age

I have a tendency to be pretty negative in my opinion articles about video games, usually because those opinion posts are covering big publishers or