OnePlus Watch

OnePlus Watch Cobalt limited edition review

Introduction It’s been three months since the OnePlus Watch first went on sale. Unfortunately for OnePlus, the watch was released to widespread critical disapproval; our

OnePlus Watch iFixit teardown reveals no hidden surprises

Although it isn’t exactly its first wearable, the OnePlus Watch is the company’s first dip into the smartwatch pool. Not all first tries come out

OnePlus Watch Cobalt Limited Edition launched in India: price, specifications, and sale date

The OnePlus Watch finally was finally unveiled after a slew of delays, much to the delight of fans and enthusiasts alike. Unfortunately, OnePlus’ first-ever smartwatch

OnePlus Watch is getting a CyberPunk 2077 makeover

When buggy smartwatch and video game collide The OnePlus Watch CyberPunk 2027 edition is on the way, with a special edition of its debut smartwatch follows the

OnePlus Watch OTA update brings Always-On Display, remote camera control, and more

OnePlus Watch is receiving a new OTA update ‘B.48’ that brings the much-needed Always-on Display feature to show time and other critical information such as

After a VERY buggy start, OnePlus Watch gets a major update with new tricks

OnePlus Watch wasn’t as well-received as the company had hoped for, especially after years of speculations and hype. And I am summarizing all the criticism

OnePlus Watch update isn’t enough to save the maligned smartwatch

Consumer tech is rarely that divisive, but the OnePlus Watch was a big exception – while some sites gave the smartwatch glowing reviews (including us),

OnePlus Watch Always-On Display finally arrives in latest update

Although it wasn’t its first wearable, OnePlus’ first smartwatch wasn’t as warmly received as its smart fitness band. Perhaps it was partly due to high

OnePlus Watch to get always-on display and a 12-hour clock

The recent torrent of negative reviews is uncharted territory for OnePlus. The company’s phones have been critical and cult favourites for years, but the OnePlus

OnePlus Watch update addresses major complaints, AOD still coming

OnePlus launched its first smartwatch last month after years of rumors and growing expectations. Unfortunately, the OnePlus Watch seems to have fallen short of the

OnePlus Watch review

The long-rumored OnePlus Watch is finally a reality – and it’s a polished wearable that can hold its own against the current best smartwatches when

OnePlus Watch: Premium looks without the premium price

OnePlus has entered the wearables market with its new OnePlus Watch, a seemingly high-end smartwatch in both looks and features, but at a lower price

Hands on: OnePlus Watch review

The OnePlus Watch is the long-rumored smartwatch that isn’t just real – it’s a polished wearable that looks like it could rank up with the

OnePlus Watch May Add a Much-Requested Missing Feature Via OTA Update

OnePlus launched its first-ever smartwatch, the OnePlus Watch, on March 23. The smartwatch will go on sale starting April 15. It will be available at

Apple Watch vs. OnePlus Watch: One big reason there’s really no competition

At first glance it seems like the Apple Watch has a worthy competitor in the new OnePlus Watch. For starters, it has a sleek circular

OnePlus Watch seems too good to be true. Is there a catch?

OnePlus has entered the wearables market with its new OnePlus Watch, a seemingly high-end smartwatch in both looks and features, but at a lower price

Fast Charge: The OnePlus Watch could be a big disappointment for one key reason

It has been over a week since OnePlus announced its Watch alongside the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, but there were a number of key features not

OnePlus Watch vs. Samsung Watch 3: The better Android wearable

OnePlus has just announced a slew of devices in its 2021 lineup. Alongside the OnePlus 9 series, the debuting OnePlus Watch is the brand’s first

Ditching Wear OS is the right call for the OnePlus Watch

It should come as no surprise to anyone when I say that Wear OS is in an absolute state of disarray. Google has a long

The OnePlus Watch is official – and there’s big surprises in store

No Wear OS but two weeks of battery life The OnePlus Watch has been announced and here’s the shock – it doesn’t run Wear OS

OnePlus Gaming Trigger may confuse your senses

Today we witnessed the first reveal of the OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9 Pro, and the OnePlus Watch, AND a new accessory. The accessory was called

OnePlus Watch revealed with two-week battery time

The OnePlus Watch was revealed today with a two-week battery time. This smartwatch was detailed at the same time as the OnePlus 9 smartphone series,

Amazfit T-Rex Pro smartwatch promises to be even tougher

OnePlus just launched its first-ever smartwatch and, for some people, the OnePlus Watch’s classy style is perfect for every occasion. Some, however, need a wearable

OnePlus Watch: Smartwatch swerves Wear OS and promises long battery life

OnePlus has just announced its next flagship phone and that wasn’t the only product we saw. We also got the OnePlus Watch. Alongside the OnePlus

What is the OnePlus Gaming Trigger? New OnePlus 9 accessory revealed

Alongside the OnePlus 9 series of phones and the new OnePlus Watch, the company used its March 23 showcase to reveal an accessory called the

OnePlus Watch: Everything you need to know ahead of launch

OnePlus is set to announce its next flagship phone on March 23 and that won’t be the only product that gets some limelight during the

OnePlus 9 launch: what we expect to see on March 23

In a relatively short space of time, OnePlus has quickly become a household name on the mobile scene for its high-spec, well-designed handsets available at

OnePlus isn’t waiting until next week to reveal its first smartwatch

OnePlus is supposed to reveal the OnePlus 9 series during a event next week, but you wouldn’t know it judging by how much the company

OnePlus Watch leak tips a week’s battery in 20 minutes charge, 4GB storage and more

OnePlus has already confirmed that it will be launching its first smartwatch alongside the OnePlus 9 series on March 23, which is just around the

OnePlus 9 Pro will wirelessly charge from zero to full in 43 minutes, wired in 29 minutes

If you haven’t lived under a rock lately, you know that OnePlus is gearing up to launch a few new devices next week. We’re expecting