OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus Nord: Is the high-end Smartphone worth its mid-range price?

A cheap smartphone with lots of features that would otherwise cost you a lot more. That is what OnePlus promises the Nord to be. This

OnePlus Nord Review: At what cost simplicity?

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OnePlus’ first truly-wireless earbuds last forever and won’t burn a hole in your wallet — but they only sound as good as they cost The

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The OnePlus Nord is now official, but does the new mid-range device from OnePlus pack 5G support? The Nord sits below the 5G-toting OnePlus 8

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OnePlus Nord was revealed on the 21st of July, 2020, as a new sort of value proposition from the brand that started with the OnePlus

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OnePlus has been drip-feeding details about OnePlus Nord for what seems like months. But today saw the brand’s latest phone finally revealed. Here’s what you

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OnePlus will announce a more affordable smartphone on 21 July in the form of the OnePlus Nord. The device will sit alongside the company’s premium

OnePlus 8T could be the fastest charging phone ever

The OnePlus 8T isn’t expected until late 2020, but we may have a strong contender for the headline feature; super fast charging the likes of

OnePlus 8 full Fortnite and Dolby features activated

The OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro are about to get a new stack of abilities for both Fortnite and Dolby sound. The Fortnite part

Fast Charge: Ditching the flagship chipset is right for the Pixel 5

Rumours have once again swirled that the forthcoming Pixel 5 will ditch the typical flagship internals for a more modest, mid-range chipset. According to a tweet from

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Kinda, yeah. When comparing phones, you generally want them to be in the same league. These days that might mean there’s a few hundred dollars separating

OnePlus 8 Pro Color Filter “x-ray” camera disabled with new update

So you’ve got four cameras at the back of your OnePlus 8 Pro, one of which the company calls a Photochome Camera. This is also

OnePlus apologises for turning off the OnePlus 8 Pro’s coolest feature

The much-talked-about ‘X-ray’ mode on the OnePlus 8 Pro has caused quite a stir. The camera filter gives users X-ray vision, to some extent, and

OnePlus 8 Pro “X-ray” camera is no mistake

This week a OnePlus 8 Pro camera feature went viral. The Color Filter camera – one of four cameras on the back of the OnePlus

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The OnePlus 8 Pro’s color filter camera can see through certain plastics

The OnePlus 8 Pro is OnePlus’ best phone ever, thanks to its excellent processing power, good camera, and modern design. But it turns out the

OnePlus 8 Pro camera seems to “see through” x-ray style: Nintendo Switch, iPhone, Nest

If you happen to be holding a OnePlus 8 Pro right now you might have access to a camera mode that allows you to see

The OnePlus 8 Pro camera has secret X-ray vision – no, really!

The OnePlus 8 Pro offers the best camera we’ve seen on a handset from the company, but it appears there’s a weirdly cool feature that

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The OnePlus Z might be Android users’ best “new is good news” option in matching the value and price structure of the 2020 iPhone SE.

OnePlus 8 Pro just got an update that partially fixes a big issue

Did you hear about the green screen tint issue that some OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro users had reported? Maybe you even had it

OnePlus 8 Pro: Is the high price justified?

The OnePlus 8 Pro is scratching the US$1,000 mark, a far cry from OnePlus’ origins. Undoubtedly, you get a high-quality smartphone for the money, but

OnePlus 8 Pro Vs Mi 10 Pro Vs Redmi K30 Pro Camera Comparison

OnePlus 8 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, and Redmi K30 Pro are all new flagship phones currently released. Among them, the rear camera of OnePlus

OnePlus 8 Pro suffers screen issues, but the company is working on a fix

OnePlus is no stranger to display issues with its phones, and it seems a new one has crept up with its latest OnePlus 8 Pro.

Fix coming after OnePus 8 Pro ‘green tint’ display complaints

OnePlus is promising remedies after some OnePlus 8 Pro early adopters complained of issues with one of its signature features – the 120Hz fluid display

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A new OnePlus phone, rumoured to called OnePlus Z, is apparently coming soon. Here’s everything we know so far about the phone, including price, release

OnePlus 8 Pro teardown reveals a somewhat repairable beauty

The OnePlus 8 Pro might very well be this year’s titleholder for the best 2020 premium flagship, at least for the first half of that

OnePlus 8 pricing might become a bit controversial

OnePlus burst into the smartphone market with guns blazing, crying “Never Settle” for expensive phones when you can have nearly the same things at a