Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo Switch OLED iFixit teardown reveals the big changes inside

Those who have been patiently waiting for a substantial upgrade to the Nintendo Switch console may have been more than just miffed by the new

The games you need to play on the Nintendo Switch OLED

The Nintendo Switch OLED is launching this week, boasting a handful of upgrades over the standard model such as an improved screen, sturdier stand and

Nintendo Switch OLED Review

Introduction Nintendo has launched a new edition of its popular hybrid games console: the Nintendo Switch OLED. This may not be the fabled Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch OLED hands-on: A gorgeous screen makes a big difference

The Nintendo Switch OLED has a beautiful screen, better speakers and an improved kickstand, but it’s expensive To save you some suspense: If you have

Nintendo Switch OLED: price, release date, specs and all the details

New Nintendo Switch OLED console coming soon… The PS5 and Xbox Series X aren’t the only new consoles on the gaming scene. They will soon

Nintendo Switch OLED — should you wait or buy a Switch now?

The Nintendo Switch OLED is coming on October 8, but should you wait or just buy the current model now? A new Nintendo Switch is

Not a fan of the Nintendo Switch OLED? The original model could see a price drop

With the Nintendo Switch OLED’s release mere weeks away (it’s due October 8, 2021), rumors are circulating that the original 2017 model could see a

Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck have yet another competitor on the way

If you didn’t think any more high-profile handheld console releases could happen in the wake of the Nintendo Switch OLED and Valve’s Steam Deck, Chinese

The Nintendo Switch OLED is disappointing, but why are you surprised?

You’ve likely seen the trailer for the upcoming Nintendo Switch OLED version by now, an announcement that was met with elation when it showed up

Weekly poll results: Valve’s Steam Deck beats the Nintendo Switch OLED

Valve stole Nintendo’s thunder – people were already lukewarm on the minimal upgrades brought on by the Switch OLED, but then Valve’s own portable console

Weekly poll: Nintendo Switch OLED vs. Valve Steam Deck

Last week Nintendo unveiled the OLED Switch, this week Valve unveiled the Steam Deck. Will you be picking up one of those or do you

Steam Deck vs Nintendo Switch OLED: two different approaches to handheld gaming

We bet Nintendo didn’t think it would have competition for the Switch OLED so soon, but that’s exactly what Valve’s new portable PC, the Steam

Valve Steam Deck vs Nintendo Switch OLED: What should you buy?

The Valve Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch OLED are both powerful but target very different gaming audiences The Valve Steam Deck and the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch OLED reportedly costs Nintendo $10 more to make… but costs you $50 more to buy

Upgraded video games consoles always cost a bit more than their predecessors, and the Nintendo Switch OLED is no different. Though the internals remain the

Totally Rated: how about that Nintendo Switch OLED?

Season 2 of Totally Rated continues with big announcements from Nintendo and Sony, as well as a check-in on what’s hot with gaming and some

8 problems the Nintendo Switch OLED model doesn’t fix

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular consoles in history. Since its release in 2017, it has sold nearly 85 million units, with

Sorry Nintendo – OLED TV owners are passing on the new Switch console

The Nintendo Switch OLED looks to offer a notable picture upgrade when using the Nintendo console in handheld – but is there really a point

Switch OLED won’t fix potential Joy-Con issues, Nintendo confirms

If you were wondering whether the Nintendo Switch OLED comes with updated Joy-Con controllers – ones that would specifically eliminate the dreaded hardware issue known

Winners and Losers: Nintendo Switch OLED underwhelms while the Pixel 6 excites

Between ITV player outages during the Euros and more shiny things passing through Trusted Labs than can easily be counted, it has been a busy week in

Nintendo Switch Pro could still happen — here’s why

The new Switch OLED model doesn’t rule out Nintendo’s 4K potential Nintendo finally unveiled its much rumored Nintendo Switch OLED model in a surprise announcement, offering improved

Nintendo Switch OLED vs Nintendo Switch: Upgrade or pass

The tech community was expecting a Pro version of the Nintendo Switch but on July 6 an OLED model was announced as the fourth major

Nintendo Switch OLED burn-in: do you need to worry?

The Nintendo Switch OLED is set to seriously upgrade the Switch console’s display, with many a player looking towards the new hardware for an improved

Nintendo Switch OLED VS Lite VS original: Buy by the screen

In the battle of values between the various Nintendo Switch models today, your focus will likely start with display size. The Lite has a 5.5-inch

6 Cool Things in the New OLED Nintendo Switch

Today, Nintendo announced the new, $349.99 Nintendo Switch (OLED Model), an upgraded version of the current, $299.99 console/handheld hybrid game system. It was a surprisingly

Nintendo Switch OLED Model to Reportedly be Priced Similar to the Original Switch in India

The Nintendo Switch OLED model announcement pretty much surprised everyone across the board – with some having their reservations about the console and whether it

The Nintendo Switch OLED’s new dock can be purchased separately

Players will be able to purchase the new dock that comes with the Nintendo Switch OLED separately, according to Nintendo. The company says that the

Nintendo Switch OLED release date, price, specs, and why it’s not 4K

After months of speculation, we finally know what Nintendo’s mid-gen refresh of the Switch looks like – and it’s called the Nintendo Switch OLED. Nintendo

The Switch OLED doesn’t need 4K, and Nintendo did well to ignore it

The Nintendo Switch OLED is here – or at least it will be relatively soon. Nintendo surprise dropped a reveal trailer on July 6 for

Hate the Nintendo Switch OLED? ‘Stick with the current Switch’ then, says Nintendo

Are you digging the new Nintendo Switch OLED? Well, don’t worry if you’re not, because Nintendo’s manager of product marketing has advised to “stick with

What’s missing from the Switch OLED? Here’s what Nintendo left on the table

Nintendo has announced the Switch OLED, bringing a host of new hardware upgrades. However, it hasn’t lived up to the most optimistic expectations and rumours. Here’s