Turing Robotics seems to be banking heavily on the Turing Phone. Not only has the company delayed the release of the device for months upon

Futuristic, ultra-strong Turing Phone to begin pre-orders in July

The sleek, futuristic looking smartphone you see here is called the Turing Phone, from Turing Robotic Industries (TRI), and soon you’ll be able to buy

New ‘liquidmorphium’ Turing Phone claims to be ultra-secure and stronger than steel

The premium Turing Phone promises world-class security through a chip on the phone. What do liquidmorphium and late British cryptographer Alan Turing have in common?

This smartphone is extra-secure and stronger than steel

  How do you stand out if you’re a fledgling smartphone maker that can’t compete on specs alone? If you’re Turing Robotic Industries, you pour