Lincoln Continental

2017 Lincoln Continental First Drive: How to reboot an icon

Five minutes into driving the 2017 Lincoln Continental, a Mercedes-Benz C300 pulled up alongside me at the lights. “That’s a beautiful car!” the middle-aged driver

2017 Lincoln Continental gives classic name to modern luxury

It’s a name with history, so Lincoln has a lot to live up to with the 2017 Continental. Revealed at the NAIAS 2016, the classic

Ford’s New Luxury Car Seats Adjust To Your Individual Butt Cheeks

Leather interiors and copious legroom used to be the hallmarks of a luxury sedan. But Ford is about to completely redefine what luxury means when

Lincoln Continental Concept quietly sneaks in luxury

While others make a great noise about their latest, greatest, and most luxurious, Lincoln is of the opposite mindset. It believes that luxury isn’t loud,