LG Velvet

LG VELVET LTE finally starts receiving Android 11 update

In late July 2020, LG quietly debuted the LG VELVET LTE. Unlike the original device, this

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LG killed the G-series of smartphones to introduce the Velvet lineup. The LG Velvet received a

LG Velvet 2 Pro: new leaks purport to show the keyless wonder the flagship phone could have been

The Velvet 2 Pro would have been LG’s flagship smartphone for 2021 – had the OEM

LG Velvet Android 11 update finally arrives in the US

LG has been struggling lately to push out Android updates even to its most recent phones

Android 11 update rolling out for LG Velvet 5G on Verizon’s network

LG, the smartphone maker, is no more. But for concerned folks who spent hundreds of dollars

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LG Velvet 5G Review

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Introduction So we’ve got three Galaxy S20s with rumors of Lite spin-offs on the way, three

LG Velvet Dual Screen in for review

LG has been on the back foot in the smartphone market for a few years now,

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LG has just released an all-new rebranded flagship smartphone with a classy design. Here are the

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LG has revealed that it’s got a new premium handset on the cards, and it’s been

LG’s Velvet smartphone was just unveiled a whole week before we expected it

The upcoming LG Velvet will be the company’s next mid-range smartphone and is set to replace

LG Velvet mid-range specs come with a high-end accessory

Those hoping for a new kind of LG premium flagship may have had their dreams already

LG Velvet release date is May 7 and it’s likely landing as an LG G9 replacement

LG has spent a while teasing the LG Velvet – an upcoming phone that’s reportedly landing

LG Velvet: Release date, rumours, news, and features

When it comes to Android phones, LG is a well-known brand, but it isn’t a Samsung

The LG Velvet could land as an affordable 5G phone

LG has teased the design of its next phone, revealing a cascading camera on the back

LG Velvet: Everything we know so far about the LG G9 replacement

LG has revealed that it’s got a new premium handset on the cards, and it’s been