iPhone 13

iPad mini 6 sounds more and more like a pint-sized iPad Pro every day

The iPad mini 6 must be, at this point, the most leaked iPad that’s still not released (we’ve been hearing information for about two years

AirPods 3 tipped to launch alongside the iPhone 13 in September

September is lining up to be a very good month for fans of Apple hardware: not only is the iPhone 13 due to land, it

iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 12: Biggest differences to expect

Here’s how the iPhone 13 compares to the iPhone 12 based on current rumors A quick check of the calendar shows that we’re now closer

iPhone 13 release date, price, specs and leaks

Apple’s new iPhone 13 is coming this fall — here’s what we know so far The new iPhone 13 is just a couple of months

iPhone 13 mini — what the heck is the point?

Mini iPhones could be toast come 2022, so why are we getting an iPhone 13 mini? There was a time between the late 1990s and

The iPhone 13 could get finally get that 1TB model

For most people, 128GB is more than enough capacity for their smartphone needs – and even less if they have an Android handset with expandable

iPhone 13 tipped for late September launch — with up to 1TB of storage

The iPhone 13 could hold a lot of photos and video The iPhone 13 release date seems to be narrowing as we get closer to

iPhone SE 5G said on track as Apple makes drastic iPhone mini decision

Apple is readying a shake-up in its most affordable iPhone models, fresh leaks suggest, with a new iPhone SE 5G and the demise of the

Apple on track to reveal AirPods 3 in 2021, sources suggest

Mass production of Apple’s rumored AirPods 3 to start this Augus Apple is expected to start mass production of the next-generation AirPods this August, along

There’s good and bad news about the upcoming iPhone SE 3

After months of silence, a number of rumours have suddenly emerged about the upcoming iPhone SE 3 – and it’s a mixed bag of good

iPhone 14: Price, release date, specs and all the latest details

iPhone 14 may be another massive leap forward from Apple No, that headline isn’t a typo; I’m writing about the iPhone 14 despite it being

iPad mini 6 tipped to feature iPhone 13 chip — and new Smart Connector

New leak suggests a faster, more capable iPad mini is coming this fall iPad mini 6 watchers know the next iteration of Apple’s teeniest tablet

iPhone 13 — 7 biggest rumored upgrades

Counting down the juiciest iPhone 13 rumors so far With the iPhone 13 release date quickly approaching, more and more rumors are surfacing, giving us

iPhone 13 will reportedly skip Touch ID — and that would be bad

Face ID is great in normal times, but the world has changed and the iPhone might need to as well Early rumors have suggested that

iPhone 13 always-on display could finally happen this year

Every year brings rumors and hopes of new iPhone features that never come. Last year, it was the iPad Pro ProMotion display tech that would

Samsung Galaxy S22: 7 upgrades I need to see

The Galaxy S22 needs to get these seven things right The Galaxy S22 is a long ways off, likely six months or so. In the

Trading in iPhone 12 for iPhone 13? We have good news

The value of the iPhone 12 is dropping, but more slowly than the iPhone 11. While most don’t buy the latest iPhone every year, some

iPhone 13 vs. Google Pixel 6 preview: Which phone will win?

The battle between the iPhone 13 and Pixel 6 will be fierce Both the iPhone 13 and Pixel 6 are expected to arrive in just

Apple iPhone 13 to come with Wi-Fi 6E offering improved speed and range

Apple will be launching its next-generation smartphone — the iPhone 13 lineup later this year, most likely sticking to its usual launch cycle of unveiling

iPhone 13 Pro colors spilled: Which would you pick?

Today we’re taking a peek at another iPhone 13 leak, this time having to do with the colors that’ll be available with the iPhone 13

The early iPhone 13 leaks may have been a bit too touchy

Revelations this week suggest we’re going to see an iPhone 13 this year without features reported in the earliest of smartphone leaks. The iPhone 13,

With 5 years of updates, the Pixel 6 can actually compete with the iPhone 13

We learned last week that the Google Pixel 6 could receive 5 years of Android software updates. Samsung (4 years), OnePlus (3 years), and OPPO

iPhone 13 is even bigger than we thought — Apple may boost production 20%

What’s Apple know that we don’t? It seems that Apple is betting big that its iPhone 13 will be a huge sales success, as the company is

Totally Rated: how about that Nintendo Switch OLED?

Season 2 of Totally Rated continues with big announcements from Nintendo and Sony, as well as a check-in on what’s hot with gaming and some

iPhone 14 could have this breakthrough periscope lens for mega zoom power

A new patent reveals Apple’s possible plans for bigger optical zoom lenses We’ve already heard rumors that Apple could boost the iPhone’s camera with a periscope-style

iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 13 Pro: Biggest differences to expect

Here’s how the iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro comparison is stacking up The iPhone 13 is expected to come in four models this year just like

Most anticipated phones — iPhone 13, Galaxy Z Fold 3, Pixel 6 and more

Some of the biggest phones of the year will be arriving in the next few months Chance are you may be on the lookout for

New MacBook Air could arrive early 2022 with M2 chip and iMac colors

The next MacBook Air will be the first laptop from Apple to use the next-gen M2 chip when it purportedly arrives in 2022, complete with

iPhone 13 Pro looks to have a much bigger camera than the iPhone 12 Pro

It’s been extensively rumored that Apple is making a number of camera changes for the iPhone 13 range, but now we have a good idea

RIP iPhone 12s: Apple will reportedly use iPhone 13 name for new iPhones

Despite fears around an ‘unlucky’ number, Apple will reportedly stick with iPhone 13 name Apple’s next smartphone will reportedly be named the iPhone 13 after all, despite