Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West developer could be working on a multiplayer project

Some recent job postings on Guerilla Games’ website are sparking our imaginations that we could see some form of multiplayer coming to the Horizon world.

Sony backtracks Horizon Forbidden West PS5 upgrade, which will now be free

Sony sparked controversy last week when it announced that the Standard and Special editions of Horizon Forbidden West wouldn’t feature a free upgrade to the

Updated: Horizon Forbidden West lack of free PS5 upgrade isn’t a surprise – but it’s still sad to see

Update: Sony has announced that players who purchase Horizon Forbidden West on PlayStation 4 will now be able to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version

Horizon Forbidden West gets free PS5 upgrade from PS4

Horizon Forbidden West will now be available on the PS5 for free if players choose to upgrade their PS4 version of the game. This represents

Horizon Forbidden West lack of free PS5 upgrade isn’t a surprise – but it’s still sad to see

Horizon Forbidden West won’t include a free PS5 upgrade if you buy the game on PS4, a move that shouldn’t come as a shock to

Horizon Forbidden West: No free PS5 upgrade for buyers of the standard PS4 version

The game will be released in two separate versions for Sony’s last and current-gen console, and only the more expensive special editions for the PlayStation

Horizon Forbidden West: Everything you know about the upcoming sequel

Horizon Forbidden West is the PlayStation-exclusive follow up to the critically acclaimed futuristic adventure. This time around protagonist, Aloy, travels to a “far future America”

Horizon Forbidden West release date official, bonus Zero Dawn update hits PS5

Sony has confirmed the delayed PlayStation exclusive Horizon Forbidden West will now be released on February 18, 2022. The PS4 and PS5 game was supposed

Horizon Forbidden West release date, gameplay, story and more

Here’s everything we know about Horizon Forbidden West Horizon Forbidden West is easily one of the most anticipated games for the PS5 after the breakout

Horizon Forbidden West is yet another big game delay – report

One of the most anticipated PlayStation exclusives Horizon Forbidden West has been delayed until 2022, according to reports on Friday. It’s news that would be

Horizon Forbidden West features a 60fps mode – but only on PS5

Guerrilla Games is holding a new round of interviews for its upcoming blockbuster, Horizon Forbidden West. And while the game looked absolutely gorgeous and graphically

Horizon Forbidden West release date could be coming “very soon”

Horizon Forbidden West gameplay was finally shown off to the public via PlayStation’s May 2021 State of Play event. The showcase for the upcoming PS5

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 gameplay demo shows us a grappling hook, glider and more

Horizon Forbidden West doesn’t have a release date just yet, but thanks to some new gameplay footage shown on the PS5 we now have a

Horizon Forbidden West gameplay will be shown during this week’s State of Play

It’s been nearly 11 months since we first saw Horizon Forbidden West in action, as the game was first revealed during the PlayStation 5 Showcase

Horizon Zero Dawn is a must-play game before Horizon Forbidden West launches

It’s easy to say everyone should play a sequel’s predecessor before the sequel releases, but that’s not always the case. There are times where you

Horizon Forbidden West releases in the second half of 2021, per a new PS5 ad

The PS5 is almost here, bringing with it a launch lineup consisting of titles like Astro’s Playroom, Demon’s Souls PS5 remake and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 release date, trailer, news and rumors

Horizon Forbidden West is the long-awaited sequel to the critically-acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn and was confirmed during Sony’s PS5 games reveal in June. Coming exclusively