HomePod Mini

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Apple has delivered the long-awaited support for Ultra Wideband technology for the HomePod mini speaker, providing a great boost for those with the iPhone 11

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I’ve never cared much for my home theater setup. In fact, I own a six-year-old LG LED television paired with a soundbar. And if that

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Apple’s HomePod Mini is finally here, offering a great smart-speaker experience for £/$99. If you’ve recently picked up one of the tiny speakers then here

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Apple is not a fan of unauthorized or third-party repairs. While legislation on the right to repair still hangs in limbo, the company is doing

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Apple’s new Siri-powered smart speaker is small but mighty The Apple HomePod Mini has been a long time coming. As soon as the original HomePod

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While all the limelight is currently on the newly-launched HomePod Mini, owners of the original, larger HomePod are in for a surprise as well. If