Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE might finally have a launch date – in January

It’s still unclear when the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE may arrive, with suspicions divided between next week and January, but a new leak leans toward

Another Galaxy S21 FE release date has leaked

Rumours have been circulating about when the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will be released, with a new date thrown into the ring. This is a

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE could land on October 20, one day after the Pixel 6

Hot on the heels of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE tipped for Unpacked launch and October 29 release date

The Galaxy S21 FE could be unveiled at Samsung Unpacked part 2 It’s alive?! The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has been one of the most on-again, off-again

Samsung Galaxy S21 range will probably get Android 12 by December

There was a time when Samsung was slow at rolling out new versions of Android, but recently it’s been doing better, and that looks set

Samsung Galaxy S21 could get Android 12 in December

The Samsung Galaxy S21 family could be set to get an Android 12 update this December, according to fresh reports. Samsung isn’t typically associated with speed when it comes

iPhone 13 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

A new iPhone is a beautiful thing, and this year it’s hard to get more beautiful than the recently released iPhone 13 Pro. The top-tier

Samsung Galaxy S22 may be delayed with Galaxy S21 FE taking its place in January

After months past the point we expected to see it launch, we still don’t know the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE release date, but a new

The new One UI 4.0 beta for the Galaxy S21 series reaches the UK

The new One UI 4.0 beta for the Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra is expanding. The first users to receive it were in South

Plot twist: the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is going to be released in January, S22 series delayed

Rumors of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G’s death may have been greatly exaggerated – the phone will launch alongside the S22 series at the end

Samsung takes down Galaxy S21 FE support page following cancellation report

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE cancelled: Earlier this week, it was reported that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE was cancelled as the company wanted to focus

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE launch reportedly cancelled, here’s why

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has been doing rounds of the internet for quite some time now. We’ve seen multiple renders of the Galaxy S21 FE,

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: stick or fold?

Samsung currently has two premium flagship phones on its roster, both offering cutting-edge features for a four-figure price. So which is better – the Samsung

Winners and losers: Foldable rumours excite but it’s bad news for the Galaxy S21 FE

OPINION: It’s the weekend, which means it’s time to share our round up of this week’s winners and losers in tech.  Some big highlights this

Samsung adds long-promised Galaxy S21 feature, but hardly anyone can use it

Samsung has started to roll out its digital car keys feature for a select number of phones in South Korea, but it’ll only work with

See the iPhone 13 Pro Max go up against the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in a speed test

Surprisingly enough, the side-by-side timed speed test thing is, well, still a thing. And now that a new top dog iPhone launched, you’d naturally expect

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is almost certainly canceled as Samsung removes support page

Will there be a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE? While we still don’t have an official answer yet, we’ve got the next best thing, as Samsung

Samsung is scrubbing the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE from the internet

Samsung appears to be quietly cleaning up all evidence of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, which has almost certainly now been cancelled. All signs are

Galaxy S21 FE might have just been canceled

Many companies have initially downplayed the effects of the ongoing chip supply crisis on their plans, but even the likes of chip giant Intel and

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Specs Comparison

The iPhone 13 series is finally official and it is composed of four variants, just like last year. The most advanced one is the iPhone

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Which phone is best?

The iPhone 13 Pro Max takes on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra for the title of best phone Any battle of the big phones generally

iPhone 13 vs. Samsung Galaxy S21: Battle of the flagships

The iPhone 13 has landed, fresh with a range of improvements and upgrades over its predecessor, the iPhone 12. It boasts a new, more powerful

Google leaks the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE again

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has once again had its impending launch confirmed, and it’s Google doing the leaking. Again. Samsung’s hotly tipped late-2021 hardware

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: which 2021 flagship phone is for you?

Apple’s iPhone 13 range is official, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the big and shiny flagship phone leading the charge. If it’s to

iPhone 13 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Spec comparison

Apple has unveiled the iPhone 13 Pro, which is the company’s second-most expensive smartphone currently available.  But how does it compare to the competition, more

Galaxy S21 One UI 4 Android 12 Beta is now open

Samsung today is definitely not the Samsung from just four or five years ago, at least when it comes to software updates. After being the

Galaxy S21 FE launch might be near, Exynos 2100 model confirmed

The Galaxy S21 FE might be one of Samsung’s most troubled phones this year, and that’s before it even has the chance to launch. Designed

Galaxy S21 Ultra: 6 cool camera tricks you should try now to take the best pictures

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has an incredible camera that’s among the best you can find on any of today’s top-end phones. (It may be

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Samsung Galaxy S20: comparing Samsung’s flagship phones

The Samsung Galaxy S21 represented a shift in focus for the storied smartphone line after successive years of unequivocal flagships. For this reason alone, a

I don’t think the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE should exist — here’s why

It’s far too late for a Galaxy S21 FE to appear We’re approaching the end of  summer and that means it’s iPhone 13 season, having