Fairphone 3

Fairphone 3 Plus review

Reviewing smartphones isn’t as easy as it might look, because every smartphone buyer is different: some value camera quality, others value performance, while others want

Fairphone 3+ hands-on review

Introduction Fairphone has a shiny new smartphone – meet the 3+. Time to throw out your current one and get upgrading! Scratch that. Fairphone wants

Trying to be a better person? Get the Fairphone 3 instead of a new iPhone

It might not be the flashiest of mobiles, but the Fairphone 3 does boast ethically-sourced parts and a renewable-friendly building model. If you’re more bothered

Fairphone 3 review

Four years after the Fairphone 2, its successor has arrived. The specs and design have been updated, but the ethos remains the same: to produce