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How to Revitalize Your Old MacBook Air with a New SSD

My eight-year-old MacBook Air has been a constant companion, and I would feel lost without it. Of late, however, it has started to feel its age by

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Bored of the Tesla Model X, and tired of the Jaguar i-PACE before it even hits dealerships? Don’t worry, Byton has you covered. The Chinese

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The Google Assistant has been bundled into the browser, added into Android, and squeezed into Android Wear: now, it’s getting a sleek object d’art for

Disable auto backup when you uninstall Google Photos

When Google formally divorced Photos from Google+, some thought it was the best thing to do. Others, however, thought nothing of it. It was, after

Understanding Apple Watch: Apps, Glances and Notifications

The great thing about a wearable like Apple Watch is that you need never miss anything from your digital life; the terrible thing is that