Cowin E8 Wireless Headphone Review

I’ve got another wireless noise-canceling headphone review to continue muddying the waters on what makes a valuable listening experience. This time it’s another Cowin review. I previously

Cowin SE7 Review

Wireless noise-canceling headphones are on the minds of many consumers looking for a solid listening experience with minimal distractions. With the popularity of Bose and

Cowin E7 Pro VS Strauss and Wagner ANCBT501 Review

It’s an affordable wireless noise-canceling headphone showdown. In one corner we have the Cowin E7 Pro and in the other, the Strauss and Wagner ANCBT501.

Cowin E7 Pro Review [2019 Updated]

You can find tons and tons of Active Noise Cancelling Headphones under $100 that don’t work properly because people don’t know how a good Active Noise

Cowin Thunder portable Bluetooth speaker review: Great idea with satisfactory execution

The Cowin Thunder is a relatively new sub-£100/$150 portable Bluetooth speaker, released back in May. So, what separates this speaker from the sea of portable