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Campfire Audio Holocene vs Andromeda – Comparison and Review

Campfire Audio has released a slew of IEMs recently, such as the Satsuma, Honeydew, and Mammoth. However, one IEM in particular, the Holocene, has stirred

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This year has seen the release of some major new additions to the IEM market, from big-name brands to smaller manufacturers. We’ve just seen Campfire

Campfire Audio Holocene Review – 3 BA IEM with Glowing Cable

Campfire has just released two glowing IEMs, the Holocene and Mammoth. Today we’ll be talking about the Holocene, the more expensive of the pair at $649, putting

Campfire Audio Mammoth Review

Few brands have made an impact in the world of IEMs like Campfire Audio. 2021 alone has seen the release of four brand new models

Campfire Audio Release Mammoth and Holocene Glow In The Dark IEMs

A few weeks ago, Campfire Audio kicked off the summer season with the release of the Honeydew and Satsuma. These budget-friendly IEMs succeeded in supplying an audiophile

Campfire Audio Satsuma In-Ear Monitors Review

Campfire Audio is a relatively new company in the IEM world, having come out as an offspring of ALO (Audio Line Out) Audio which itself

Campfire Honeydew vs Satsuma Comparison Review

Recently, Campfire Audio made its first big release of the year. The Satsuma and Honeydew have landed in the IEM market and are their most affordable earphones yet. Each

Astell & Kern Announce AK Solaris X Collaboration With Campfire Audio

The popular manufacturer who has delivered some of the finest digital audio players is making a surprising new release for 2021. Astell and Kern have

Campfire Announces Satsuma And Honeydew

Campfire Audio is making its first entry into 2021 a big one. The popular IEM brand is releasing two brand new sets of earphones, the

Campfire Audio Honeydew Review

It’s been a while since the last big release from Campfire Audio. The year 2020 saw the acclaimed manufacturer make some significant updates to popular

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Eufy says it’s “incredibly sorry” for a glitch that allowed EufyCam users to see video streams from each others’ security cameras. Will the apology be

Campfire Audio Andromeda vs Dorado – IEM Comparison and Review

Campfire Audio has gained increasing prestige in the IEM game as they’ve continued to release new products. Their prices tend to be on the higher

Campfire Audio Dorado vs Dorado 2020 – Comparison Review

Campfire Audio is continuing its trend of releasing 2020 updates to its high profile models. This year we’ve seen the likes of the Andromeda, Vega,

Campfire Vega vs Vega 2020 Comparison Review

October has been a big month for Campfire Audio, as the acclaimed IEM manufacturer has released is 2020 versions of the Dorado and Vega. Recently, I reviewed both

Campfire IO Review

Unusual in-ears with a lot to recommend them – but not quite the complete package The Campfire IO (pronounced ‘eye-oh’) are the Oregon audio brand’s

Campfire Ara vs Campfire Andromeda 2020 – Review

I’m really being asked to choose between two Campfire Audio IEMs. There have been a plethora of Campfire earphones to choose from in the past

Is The Ara Another Win For Campfire Audio? – Review

Oh, boy, do I love Campfire Audio. I’ve listened to almost every earphone they’ve put out so far, and not a single one of them

Campfire Audio Andromeda 2020 In Ear Earphone Review

No strain with these Andromedas Introduction – What is the Campfire Audio Andromeda 2020? The Campfire Audio Andromeda 2020 is a five-way balanced armature in-ear

Campfire Audio announce updated IEMs and brand new Ara earphone

Boutique brand Campfire Audio has revealed its earphone options for spring 2020, with a new addition and updated headphones Portland-based headphone Campfire Audio has announced