Cadillac Super Cruise

Cadillac Super Cruise vs Tesla Autopilot test asks the big attention question

Cadillac’s Super Cruise has once again beat out Tesla’s Autopilot in independent tests of driver-assistance systems, with Consumer Reports weighing in again on the controversial

Cadillac confirms Super Cruise subscription price

A Cadillac Super Cruise subscription will cost drivers $25 per month after the initial bundled hands-free driver assistance service expires, the automaker has confirmed. Launched

Cadillac Super Cruise Review: I like this more than Tesla Autopilot

PROS Eerily good at freeway driving First hands-free system on the market Attention system is easy to use CONS Currently only available on high-spec 2018

Cadillac Super Cruise First Drive: Trusting the machine

It was, conservatively, 90 seconds before I was satisfied Cadillac’s Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving system wasn’t going to kill me. By that point, a combination