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BlackBerry tipped to possibly release Android smartphone

If you have a smartphone, the odds are high it is running Android or iOS. There are the BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone users out

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  With the LG Optimus G, this OEM brings on its most powerful device by a long shot, with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor

BlackBerry Z10 Review

  RIM reborn… and now it’s BlackBerry, if you don’t mind. Rebranded, refreshed, and desperate to impress, you can’t knock BlackBerry’s enthusiasm about its now-eponymous

BlackBerry Q10 Review

  The BlackBerry Q10 might not have been the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone to reach the market, but with its classic QWERTY keyboard it’s arguably

BlackBerry Q5 Review

  BlackBerry needs a new smartphone for the mass market, and theBlackBerry Q5 is its attempt to deliver. Cheaper than the Q10, though offering another

The BlackBerry Leap ditches the keyboard to lure young professionals (hands-on)

With its 5-inch, 720p touchscreen and bog-standard rectangular shape, the BlackBerry Leap doesn’t do all that much to stand out. And maybe that’s a good