Biomutant: 7 tips and tricks for beginners

How to survive the initial hours of Biomutant Biomutant looks like a simple mascot adventure game on the surface. In truth, it’s a title with

Biomutant is the most bizarre game I’ve played in years – and that’s a good thing

Biomutant is unashamedly weird. Like, straight up, “What was the developer thinking when they made this?” weird. It’s full of gibberish and nonsensical words, teeming

Biomutant Review

Placing the furry critters of Kung Fu Panda in the post-apocalyptic setting of Fallout for an unofficial crossover is one of the oddest matchups you

Everything we know about Biomutant

THQ Nordic’s Biomutant has been cooking for quite a while, but after the most recent developer update, we know we’ll get to play it this