2021 Beta RR 2-Stroke Off-Road Line-Up First Look

For 2021, Beta is continuing to offer four two-stroke off-road RR models ranging from the agile 125 RR to the torquey 300 RR. There are

Oculus Quest is about to feel like the future with controller-free games

Oculus Quest is about to take a huge step in becoming a completely controller-free system, as the VR headset’s hand-tracking feature exits beta later this

5 Things to Know About the iPadOS 13.5 Update

Apple’s confirmed a new iPadOS 13.5 update and the firmware is currently in beta ahead of a release for iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, and

Foldable dream iPhone is too wild for reality: Here’s why

A foldable display iPhone concept was revealed by iOS Beta News in a video called “iPhone Flip” here in May 2020, and it looks fantastic.

Lucid shows off its Lucid Air beta prototype fleet

Electric vehicle manufacturer Lucid has announced that it has built more than 40 Lucid Air beta prototype vehicles. It also says that it is in

Samsung Galaxy Android 11 Update Info (2020)

With the Android 11 release creeping closer, we want to take you through everything you should know right now Samsung’s plans for Galaxy phones and


After last year’s major overhaul, the 2021 Beta Xtrainer doesn’t get any significant changes, unless stickers and plastic color are a huge deal to you.

Google Pixel 4a delayed ’til June, could drop with Android 11 beta

The Google Pixel 4a smartphone range may arrive next month, instead of the expected May release, according to new reports. This year’s mid-range entry was widely-expected

MIUI 12 Developer Version Released For Mi 6 and 32 Other Smartphones

A couple of weeks ago, on the occasion of the official presentation of MIUI 12 , Xiaomi had announced that 22 smartphones would be supported by the

iOS 13.5 Release Date: Tips & Tricks

Apple’s upcoming iOS 13.5 update will almost certainly be the next version of iOS 13. The exact iOS 13.5 release date is a mystery, but you

Project xCloud: All the latest news, games and updates for Microsoft’s streaming service

Streaming is arguably the future of gaming. with Google Stadia and GeForce Now being some of the early players in the battleground, having recently been joined by Microsoft’s Project

5 Things to Know About the iOS 13.5 Update

Apple’s confirmed an iOS 13.5 update and the firmware is in beta testing ahead of a release for iPhone. Unless Apple decides to release iOS

OnePlus crowdsourced Beta features revealed

A release from OnePlus just revealed 5 user-recommended/suggested features that’ve been adopted as official updates for the future of OnePlus devices. This release builds on

iOS and iPadOS 13.5 beta is available with initial contact tracing API, faster passcode for Face ID failures

Apple has jumped to 13.5 with new features aimed at helping deal with COVID-19. Having released iOS and iPadOS 13.4 on March 24 with big new features

Project xCloud: All the latest on Microsoft’s cloud streaming service

Many believe that streaming is the future of gaming. Google Stadia and GeForce Now are some of the early players in the battleground, having recently been joined by Microsoft’s

iOS 13.5 could be Apple’s most important iPhone update ever

Apple has launched a developer beta for iOS 13.5, which brings access to the Exposure Notification API built to provide coronavirus contact-tracing infrastructure. Developers of

Android 11 takes another big step towards hitting your smartphone

Google is ramping up its preparations for Android 11 with the release of the third (and what’s likely to be the final) developer preview for

Samsung gets blood pressure approval – and it’s coming to new smartwatches

It’s coming to Active 2 and new devices Samsung has got approval for its blood pressure monitoring sensor, and will start offering the feature as

HyperX Cloud Flight S Wireless Headset Review: A High Price for Qi Charging

But that wireless Qi charging, while convenient, feels more like a gimmick than a feature that is really necessary – and you’ll need to pay

Hands on: Minecraft RTX Beta Review

Minecraft gets ray tracing support, and the results are outstanding. First Impressions Minecraft RTX feels ahead of its time. It’s a jaw-dropping evolution for the

Extended Xbox PC app launched this week – here’s how to get it

An extended version of the Xbox PC app has launched this week, specifically for ‘Xbox Insiders’. While the current Xbox PC app beta is already

Project xCloud: All the latest on Microsoft’s cloud streaming service

Many believe that streaming is the future of gaming. Google Stadia and GeForce Now are some of the early players in the battleground, having recently been joined by Microsoft’s

iOS and iPadOS 13.4.5 first developer beta is now available

This version is expected to primarily include bug fixes, and may be the last point release for iOS 13. Having just released iOS and iPadOS

Resident Evil Resistance PC beta arrives today: How to download

The Resident Evil Resistance PC open beta will be active through the weekend The Resident Evil Resistance PC open beta is going live on Steam

JVC DLA-NX9 8K D-ILA Projector Review

At CEDIA this past fall, JVC announced (and has subsequently released) a new firmware update for its current generation 4K projectors, bringing with it a


You have to admire a plucky company such as Vertigo Motors. Going up against Honda-owned Montesa and KTM’s Gas Gas arm in the observed motorcycle

iPhone update: Everything new in Apple’s latest iOS and iPadOS

This week iOS 13.4 Beta 2 was released – mainly for developers – with a set of new features for future public consumption. This is

Android 11 developer preview out early – here are the key new features

Google has surprisingly released the first developer preview for this year’s Android 11 update, but right now it’s only available for devs.  The launch of

Activision Blizzard just pulled its games from Nvidia’s GeForce Now, and that sucks

Game over man, game over. Nvidia and Activision Blizzard seem like close partners. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is one of the biggest games to

iOS and iPadOS 13.4: Apple releases the first beta to developers

Update: We’ve added a list of the more significant new features discovered so far in iOS 13.4. As we look ahead to iOS 14, Apple’s still