Apple Watch 6

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Apple Watch 7 could be the biggest Apple Watch yet

We’re expecting quite a few design changes for the Apple Watch 7, and that might include a larger case than any previous model. This claim

The Apple Watch 7 looks set to include some big changes

The Apple Watch 7 could come in larger sizes than last year’s Apple Watch 6, according to this latest leak.  Weibo tipster Uncle Pan (via

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Apple reportedly planning multiple launch events for September

September could see multiple Apple events to spread out product launches, including one for a new iPad Nobody needs reminding that 2020 was an unusual

Apple Watch 7 renders show that it might be inspired by the iPhone 12

Despite the Apple Watch 7 likely launching in September alongside the iPhone 13, we haven’t seen many leaked images of it yet, but a bunch

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“Easy come, easy go” – that’s how a friend once described one’s health to me, and that sounds about right looking at the past 18

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Realme Watch 2 launched with IP68 and greater battery

April 30th 2021, Realme launches the new Realme Buds Q earbuds in Pakistan. But at the same time, the company launched a new product in

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You can now download the watchOS 7.4 update onto your Apple Watch, as Apple is rolling out the new smartwatch software to all its compatible