Aorus 15G

Inside GIGABYTE AORUS 15G (RTX 30) – disassembly and upgrade options

Well, the AORUS 15G had its downsides but upgradability is definitely not one of them. 1. Remove the bottom plate To get inside of this

Top 5 reasons to BUY or NOT to buy the GIGABYTE AORUS 15G (RTX 30)

The AORUS brand from GIGABYTE is synonymous with gaming, so we expect a lot from the 15G, which is their latest gaming laptop that features

GIGABYTE AORUS 15G (RTX 30) review – the keyword is “compromise”

Today, we say. Hello to the AORUS 15G from GIGABYTE. This is a brand highly associated with gaming, so we feel that the expectations are

Gigabyte Aorus 15G (2021, RTX 3070) review

A new badass GPU doesn’t make a gaming laptop good Yes, 2020 was garbage, but 2021 is the year of Nvidia’s RTX 30 series GPUs,

Gigabyte Aorus 15P review

With the Gigabyte Aorus 15P, we have yet another top-tier, compact gaming laptop from Gigabyte. This is actually very similar to the Aorus 15G that

New Vive Cosmos bundle will likely encourage you to buy an Oculus Quest 2 instead

HTC Vive has announced its Cosmos Series x Aorus 15G bundle is now available to buy in the UK and Germany, seeing the Vive Cosmos

Aorus 15G XB in review: Successful gaming machine with mechanical keyboard

It clicked. The Aorus 15G XB brings all modern computer games smoothly onto the matte 15.6-inch screen (240 Hz, Full HD, IGZO). The rest of the

AORUS 15G vs AORUS 15 – what’s new?

The all-new AORUS 15G features a decent amount of upgrades over its predecessor. The latter isn’t bad, it’s just an older device that lacks new

Aorus 15G Review

A new gaming laptop with giant air grilles and a mechanical keyboard, the Aorus 15G (technically, from Gigabyte) proves that the Taiwanese tech company sees