AMD Zen 4

AMD Zen 4 Raphael’s Socket AM5 likely to be compatible with AM4 coolers, at least a 280 mm AIO recommended for Zen 4 170 W SKU

Leaked schematics of AMD’s upcoming Socket AM5 for Zen 4 Raphael desktop processors indicate that AMD will use the same two-piece retention frame as current

AMD Zen 4 release date, specs and price – everything we know

With the success of CPUs like the Ryzen 9 5900X, AMD is now well into development of its next generation of processors, using the new

AMD Zen 4 could disappoint those hoping for a 24-core CPU

AMD’s Zen 4 processors, the next-generation silicon set to debut next year, will top out at 16-cores, which is the same as the current Ryzen

AMD Zen 4 Epyc CPU could be an epic 128-core, 256-thread monster

The next-gen AMD Zen 4 Epyc processors might have as many as 128 cores and 256 threads in a single CPU socket – double what

Intel’s Raptor Lake with 24-core CPU could take on AMD Zen 4 in 2022

Intel’s purported plans for next-gen Alder Lake processors, and the Raptor Lake chips which are rumored to follow as the 13th-gen with a possible 24-core

AMD Zen 4 rumor suggests late 2022 release – a year after Intel Alder Lake debuts

AMD’s next-generation Zen 4 Ryzen desktop CPUs might not launch until late 2022, almost a year after the debut of Intel’s 12th-generation Alder Lake lineup.

AMD Zen 4 CPUs arriving in 2022 will be boosted by faster DDR5 RAM, rumor claims

AMD is set to introduce support for DDR5 RAM in 2022, according to a leaked roadmap. Gamers Nexus claims to have received an internal AMD

AMD Zen 4 processors could destroy Intel thanks to their 5nm designs

AMD looks set to maintain its CPU process lead in the future, with new rumors emerging about it shifting to five nanometers in the future