2022 Honda Civic Sedan

2022 Honda Civic debuts with fabulous new interior

Say hello to the new 2022 Honda Civic sedan. The Japanese automaker initially teased this redesigned four-door late last year, and then gave us another

I can’t stop looking at the 2022 Honda Civic’s dashboard

I had to Google what the outgoing Honda Civic’s dashboard looks like, and then wished I hadn’t bothered. Honda’s compact may be a lot of

2022 Honda Civic Sedan Features a Cleaner Look, Carryover Engines

A nicer interior, new technology features, and a pleasing exterior design headline the 11th-generation Civic’s changes. Honda Civic generations tend to alternate between revolution and evolution.

2022 Honda Civic Sedan revealed: Power, tech and safety all see improvements

Honda has pulled the wraps off arguably its most important new car, with the 2022 Civic Sedan promising an uptick in styling and tech as

2022 Honda Civic Sedan revealed: There’s a lot counting on it

Honda has given us our first look of the new 2022 Civic Sedan, thoroughly reworked and headed to US dealerships later this year. Clearly related

2022 Honda Civic 1.5L, 2.0L Engine Options Confirmed Via CARB Filings

It has been less than a week since we’ve seen the 2022 Honda Civic sedan in production form, thanks to published images on China’s Ministry

2022 Honda Civic Sedan: Here’s What It Could Look Like

The next-generation Honda Civic got an unofficial debut last month, albeit through two consecutive patent drawing submissions discovered and unearthed by Civic XI forums. The