2017 Yamaha FZ-10 – FIRST LOOK REVIEW

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When Yamaha announced that it was selling an R1-based sport naked for the European market in 2016, we felt left out. Bastards! How could they do this to us, we wondered? But the reality is that in this age of global markets, there was still a good chance that U.S. buyers would get this new sportbike that uses a version of the current generation “CP4” (cross-plane four-cylinder) engine. This is not an engine repurposed from a mothballed couple-gen-old model, a la the FZ1. Well, guess what? Not only is Yamaha bringing the FZ-10 into the States as a 2017 model, but it goes on sale this month, like, as in any day now.

2017 Yamaha FZ-10 on-road action

Yamaha R1-based naked sportbike is called the FZ-10 and on its way to the U.S.

Here is what you need to know: We’ll start with the engine. Like we said above, the FZ-10’s cross-plane engine is based on the mill in the current YZF-R1/S/M. But there are some differences. Internally, engine components that in the R1 are made of high-tech titanium and magnesium are ditched in an effort to reduce costs in the FZ-10. About 40 percent of the internals have been swapped out. But they aren’t necessary in an engine that is designed to offer more low-down response, rev less, and doesn’t focus on top-end bang on a racetrack. Intake ports, valves, combustion chambers, camshafts, and a revised lower compression ratio (12.0:1) have all contributed to a broader rev-range according to the bLU cRU. Yamaha claims a peak output of 158 horsepower. Also contributing to the more street-friendly power delivery, the final drive got a two-teeth bump on the rear sprocket.

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