2017 Toyota Corolla review

Ah, the Toyota Corolla. Poster car for folks who just want an appliance to get them from Point A to Point B reliably, efficiently and with minimal fuss. Toyota sells 1.5 million units of its compact Corolla family each year globally, and the company is understandably not about to mess with a good thing. This latest 2017 model gets a bit of a front-end refresh and a new trim line or two, but basically, the Corolla remains a safe choice for middle-of-the-road consumers.


To celebrate the 1968 North American debut of the Corolla, Toyota let me loose in this 50th Anniversary Special Edition. The limited-edition trim is built on the nearly top-of-the-line SE trim and comes with a 7-inch touchscreen running Toyota’s Entune Audio Plus infotainment. Integrated navigation is not available in the 50th Anniversary edition — sadly, it’s only optional in the top XSE trim. Instead, I found my way using the Scout GPS app that I had to download to my phone.

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