2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Review: Electric all-rounder

All it took was one road trip and I was a Bolt EV convert. Chevrolet’s all-electric car may not be the automaker’s first attempt at the category – and indeed it joins the similarly-named Volt hybrid on dealership forecourts – nor the first to market, but it’s undoubtedly the first that feels ready not only for electric early-adopters but the mass market as a whole. With range that punches above even the official estimates, an enthusiastic driving style, and that sub-$30k sticker price after subsidies, there’s plenty here to like.

The Bolt EV’s styling has proved divisive. Maybe it’s from growing up in the UK, where hatchbacks are far more common, but I like Chevrolet’s upright design. Others have complained it looks a little too mainstream, though I suspect that’s intentional so as not to scare off new drivers.

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