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The BMW E90 M3 CRT was produced in such low numbers (only 67) that finding one on the road these days is a miracle. The M3 CRT was also historic in a lot of ways because it was the last M model that used a naturally aspirated engine before BMWtransitioned to forced induction engines. So with history and exclusivity on its side, it’s difficult to get your hands on an actual M3 CRT. German tuner Alpha-N Performance doesn’t exactly have one itself, but it could have the next best thing: a program for the BMW M4 that adopts a lot of the characteristics of the M3 CRT, right down to the aerodynamic and power improvements that give the sports coupe 520 horsepower.

Granted, some people may point at the recently unveiled BMW M4 CS as a descendant of the M3 CRT, making it a perfectly capable alternative to its supposed predecessor. While there may be some thin truths to that, the M4 CS, as dear ‘ol Pops points out, isn’t so much a capable, track-focused M4 as it is an overpriced M4 that tries to convince you of its exclusivity simply because it’s carrying the “CS” name. Alpha-N Performance isn’t trying to hide anything with its M4 CRT program though. The use of the “CRT” badge may be off-putting to actual owners of the limited edition M3, but give credit to the German tuner for embracing its program and giving the coupe the aftermarket modifications it feels is worthy of the CRT badge.

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