Samsung Galaxy S20 Lite: price, release date and ‘Fan Edition’ tease

We’ve been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Lite for a little while now, but the latest rumours are suggesting it may actually be called the Galaxy S20 ‘Fan Edition’. Either way, here’s everything we know about the upcoming smartphone. 

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S20 has impressed since its release back in February, with the flagship phone packing great camera capabilities and all-round solid performance. But the potential arrival of a Galaxy S20 Lite could offer would-be S20 buyers the chance to pick up some of the same tech at a more attractive price.

Releasing a Lite version of its flagship device wouldn’t be out of character for Samsung. Earlier this year we got both the Galaxy S10 Lite and the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. These took much of what made their namesakes great, but offered it at a lower price.

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