Razer’s lightest gaming mouse ever, Viper Mini Signature Edition, doesn’t come cheap

There are two camps when it comes to gaming mice: those who feel lighter is better and those who feel the opposite. Razer‘s latest, the

[UPDATED] Razer adds adaptive beamforming and head-tracking AI to Leviathan PC soundbar

The Razer Leviathan is a pretty solid THX PC soundbar, and the latest version has head-tracking AI and adaptive beamforming added to it.Estimated reading time:

Alienware has announced pricing and availability of its m18, m16, x16, 500Hz monitor, and Command Center

Alienware made many announcements at CES 2023 but left us hanging on prices and availability. Fast forward a few weeks, the company has dropped pricing

PUBG update: what’s new in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

A new PUBG update for Season 22 arrived on February 15 2023, for PC and February 23 for next-gen consoles. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (or PUBG and PUBG:

You can play Diablo 4 while Blizzard does your laundry, thanks to this promo

Blizzard has announced that as part of a promotion for the upcoming action RPG Diablo 4, fans will be able to enter a competition to

You need to watch the Japanese advert for Resident Evil 4

Capcom has released a new trailer for the Resident Evil 4 remake, and it takes an unusual turn from the usual nitty-gritty horror style that

Call of Duty turns 20 – how the blockbuster FPS keeps evolving over two decades later

Hopes weren’t especially high. The year was 2003, we were already multiple Medals of Honor deep, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein was still installed on

Things Your PS4 Can Do That PS5 Can’t

The PlayStation 5 is objectively more powerful than the PlayStation 4 thanks to an SSD and a GPU capable of rendering ray-traced light effects. Even

Ubisoft Develops AI Ghostwriter To Assist Game Dialogue Writers

Ubisoft has become the latest company to use AI for its potential benefit. The company, which is responsible for the ‘Far Cry,’ ‘Assassin’s Creed,’ and

Counter-Strike 2 Is Officially Coming This Summer To Replace CS:GO

Valve is finally ready to sunset ‘CS:GO,’ but before that happens, the studio has announced its successor. Say hello to ‘Counter-Strike 2,’ which is available

[HOW TO] Easily collect up to an extra 1650 Microsoft/Xbox Rewards points a week

In case you’re unaware, there is a Microsoft Rewards program which lets you collect points daily which you can then redeem for gift cards, contest

Adata Legend 960 review – Late to the PS5 SSD party

The Adata Legend 960 is the latest PS5-ready SSD from the brand. It boasts some respectable figures overall but lacks the wow factor in a

It looks like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 could be getting a much-needed feature

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 may include a new AI technology to make the dialogue with NPCs realistic and enjoyable. It was first reported that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Netflix To Release 40 More Game Titles For 2023

Netflix was the last platform we thought would jump into gaming. We’d seen hints of the streaming service’s aspirations when it launched innovative interactive experiences,

Today’s Wordle Answer #640 – March 21, 2023 Solution And Hints

Today’s Wordle answer is difficult by definition. It’s a common word, but its letter combination might have you scratching your head for quite a while.

Virtuix Omni One VR Treadmill Reveals Final Design, Shipping Date

VR games are all about immersion, but play space restrictions often mean players are left moving with a controller’s thumb sticks or stumbling around until

[HOW TO] Install an extra SSD in a PlayStation 5 console

The one downfall of the latest generation of gaming consoles is their limited internal hard drive size. Both the Xbox Series X S and PlayStation

Square Enix’s new RPG has a controversial feature that breaks my heart

Square Enix has released the first trailer for its controversial upcoming game Symbiogenesis. At first glance, the title seems to have all the high fantasy whimsy

PSVR 2’s price is its biggest obstacle

PSVR 2 has set the bar high for console-based VR. The headset boasts superb image quality, a blissfully simple setup, and, since launch, a respectable

Apple Arcade gamers can now use some of the best controllers with iOS

It’s great news for iOS device owners, and Apple Arcade subscribers, as 8BitDo has updated its excellent third-party controllers to support Apple’s phones, tablets and

The Xbox Series X gets retro as the all-star Xbox 360 controller returns in June

Very soon, you’ll be able to get a blast from the past on your Xbox Series X as Hyperkin is bringing out an officially licensed

Starfield’s violence and “interactive drug use” has cost it a safe rating

Starfield has received a restricted rating from the Australian Government thanks to ‘high impact’ drug use in the game. Starfield’s recent classification issued by the Australian

Far Cry 5 just got a PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrade, if you’ve got nothing else to play

Far Cry 5 is now much more playable on modern hardware, thanks to a performance patch released by Ubisoft to celebrate the game’s fifth anniversary.The

9 Power Banks For Steam Deck That Will Keep You Gaming On The Go

We may receive a commission on purchases made from links. Video games are a special kind of magic. They provide entertainment and escape in equal

The Best Keyboard Switches For Gaming, Ranked

We may receive a commission on purchases made from links. Mechanical keyboards are a necessary investment if you take PC gaming seriously. They are more

10 Best Free Nintendo Switch Games You Can Download Right Now

Everyone loves a freebie. It doesn’t matter whether it’s free food or an added bonus you weren’t expecting, getting something without paying for it is

Xbox Sets Sights On Apple And Google With Upcoming Mobile Gaming Store Launch

More than a year ago, Microsoft first announced its intentions to launch an Xbox mobile store of its own. While the news generated considerable media

Persona 5 Royal (Switch) Review: Best Version, Made Portable

EDITORS’ RATING : 8 / 10 Loads of fun and interesting RPG mechanics A vast improvement over earlier games in the series…Read more

Quordle today – hints and answers for Sunday, March 19 (game #419)

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Quordle today – hints and answers for Saturday, March 18 (game #418)

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