Palworld developer is introducing measures to deal with cheaters ‘strictly and as a priority’

The survival-crafting game Palworld has had a very strong start. Releasing on January 19, 2024, for

Skull and Bones is off to a rocky start with ‘generally unfavorable’ user scores on Metacritic

Ubisoft’s much-delayed pirating simulator, Skull and Bones, finally released on February 16. However, despite promising plenty

Baldur’s Gate 3 player beats the game’s toughest mode by using only its worst spell

Baldur’s Gate 3 has been out for a while now, but, thanks to the playful and

These developers are putting game preservation front and center

A staggering 87% of classic games released in the US are at risk of being lost

Weird Pokémon Go bug transforms player into raid boss

Augmented reality monster-catching game Pokémon Go is known for taking its players to strange new places,

Sony stock loses $10 billion in value as the company lowers PS5 sales predictions

Sony’s stock lost $10 billion in value last week after the tech giant lowered its forecast

XCOM-’em-up Xenonauts 2 will be getting new aircraft and weapons in fresh update

Xenonauts 2 is an old-school XCOM-alike that has you take control of a task force responsible

Splatoon 3 Side Order trailer showcases roguelike objectives, ability upgrades, and more

Nintendo has revealed a new trailer for Splatoon 3’s upcoming downloadable content (DLC), Side Order, which

Foamstars review – don’t worry about foam-o

Review infoPlatform reviewed: PlayStation 5 Available on: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 Release date: February 6, 2024 The

Diablo IV is the first Activision Blizzard game to come to Xbox Game Pass, and you can play it next month

Diablo IV will be coming to Xbox Game Pass next month, marking the first Activision Blizzard

Xbox Game Pass now has 34 million subscribers

One of the most interesting details revealed in the latest episode of the Official Xbox Podcast

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer says he can’t ‘rule out’ Indiana Jones and Starfield coming to PS5

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer has revealed his plans for the future of Xbox in a

With Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth almost here, now’s the perfect time to play Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is shaping up to be the most ambitious project to ever emerge

The Xbox Elite Series 2 has had its price slashed meaning you can pick up a premium controller for less

Update, February 19, 2024 – Sadly, this deal has now finished. We’ve left the original price

Pokedoku, the Pokémon guessing game, has tested my love and knowledge of the series

I used to think that I was a die-hard Pokémon fan. I’ve collected the TCG (trading

Baldur’s Gate 3 and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are big winners at the annual D.I.C.E. awards

The 27th annual D.I.C.E. Awards took place last night (February 15), and it celebrated some of

Baldur’s Gate 3 patch 6 introduces ‘improved kisses’ and other tweaks

Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 6, which is out now, offers up some fantastic new features and

‘Condor, Control 2 and Max Payne 1&2 remake have all increased development pace’ due to Alan Wake 2’s success

Remedy’s chief executive offer, Tero Virtala, has revealed how Alan Wake 2 has impacted the studio

Starbreeze says its ‘absolute priority’ is making sure Payday 3 ‘lives up to expectations’

Starbreeze, the developer of the co-op first-person shooter Payday 3, has revealed that although the game’s

11 Must-Have Gaming Accessories For PC And Laptop Gamers In 2024

Although hundreds of millions of people opt for home consoles when it comes to their gaming

10 Ways You Can Pilot A Mech In 2024 (In VR Or For Real)

Giant robots and mechs reign supreme in the realm of science fiction. These powerful monstrosities have

Is It Worth It To Buy A Used PS5, Or Should You Just Get A New One?

Boasting an AMD Zen 2 CPU and RDNA 2 graphics, coupled with 16GB of GDDR6 RAM

A Beginner’s Guide To Using Discord: Everything You Need To Know

Popular social media platforms — emphasizing their inherent ‘social’ nature — focus on sharing content with a broad audience

[NOW AVAILABLE] Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flightdeck offers “ultimate universal HOTAS” experience

Last week, Turtle Beach announced a new premium combat HOTAS flight simulation controller called the VelocityOne

Rumors indicate the Nintendo Switch 2 will be digital and physically backward compatible

Nintendo Switch 2 might be just around the corner, and there are a few rumors buzzing

AGI: Revolutionizing the world of gaming and virtual reality

Imagine a game that learns as you play, changing its story and characters to fit your

MEK HERO powered by ZOTAC GAMING unveils GeForce RTX 40 SUPER Series gaming desktop PCs

ZOTAC GAMING has announced the market launch of three new MEK HERO pre-built Gaming PCs: the

SteelSeries announces the Apex Pro Mini, a limited-edition White x Gold keyboard

SteelSeries is one of the best gaming gear manufacturers on the planet, and they hail from

[CES 2024] HP gaming announces new OMEN and HyperX devices

HP gaming brands include the OMEN line and HyperX. Both HP gaming brands made some announcements

[CES 2024] MSI debuts the first Intel Core Ultra-powered gaming handheld: The Claw

Handheld gaming devices, like the ROG Ally, Steam Deck, and Lenovo Legion Go, really started gaining