The Last of Us 2: 6 tips to help you survive in the post-apocalyptic sequel

The Last of Us 2 can be a tough experience, with Ellie and Joel spending every waking moment trying to survive in a brutal post-apocalyptic world filled with evil cults, deadly infected and other human beings simply trying to live their lives. 

Across its lengthy campaign you’ll need to use anything you can get your hands on to dispatch enemies, avoid infection and advance the story. It’s no easy task, so Trusted Reviews has compiled a few essential tips and tricks to help you stay alive on the mean streets of Seattle and beyond.

The Last of Us 2 Review

Gather every resource you can find

The Last of Us 2 is much larger than its predecessor, meaning you’ll spend far more time combing through abandoned buildings in search of materials and resources. Whether its ammunition, melee weapon or crafting components, pick up absolutely everything that isn’t nailed down. You’ll need it all, especially on harder difficulty settings.

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