Fast charge: Why it’s game over for gaming phones

Gaming phones made a lot of sense when they first came out. Nintendo has proven there’s an appetite for portable gaming, and having a smartphone fulfil that role is not only cost effective but also convenient.

In practise, gaming phones never really fulfilled their ambitions in Western markets. Popular mobile games in the UK such as Angry Birds, Candy Crush and Pokemon Go don’t require a game-optimised smartphone, and while the likes of PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile are unquestionable hits in other countries and can benefit from boosted performance power and haptic triggers, there’s still arguably a slim selection of such titles in the Google Play Store.

Despite all this, there was still a niche market worth tapping into initially, which is illustrated by the fact several high-profile companies – such as Black Shark, Asus and Razer – have launched multiple gaming phones in the past few years. 

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