Xiaomi Air 12 review

Rumours about Xiaomi, the big Chinese smartphone vendor, launching a laptop have been going around for a few months already. Turns out that the company had not one, but two laptops in the pipeline.

Xiaomi is known for producing very nice looking smartphones for not a lot of money, the Mi5 being an excellent example of what the company can achieve, so anything emerging from its design team is likely to get heads turning.

And this was the case when the Xiaomi Air 12 and its bigger brother, the Xiaomi Air 13, were launched in August 2016. Both of them have an air of familiarity that can’t merely be coincidental.

Even the name alludes to another laptop produced by a firm based in Cupertino, California – the MacBook Air is the model we’re referring to and there are a lot of similarities here as we’ll find out.

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