Which Razer Laptop Is Right for You? Blade vs Stealth vs Pro

Razer’s laptops are like MacBooks for gamers. They’re chic, just as slim, and more powerful than anything that comes out of Cupertino. Plus, these are some of the few gaming laptops that can pass in a business meeting as well as a LAN party.

So which laptop in Razer’s stable is right for you? Is it the surprisingly potent 12-inch Stealth, the 14-inch Blade (one of the slimmest gaming rigs on Earth) or the 17-inch behemoth that is the Blade Pro? The following guide will help you decide.

Editors’ Note: Razer has announced a new Blade Stealth (starting at $1,399) with a bigger and sharper 13.3-inch touchscreen display, a 7th-gen Kaby Lake processor and 16GB of RAM. Targeting mobile professionals, this will be the first Blade laptop to ship in gunmetal gray aluminum, and it offers slimmer bezels than the previous version.

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