Which HP Laptop Is Right For You?

After carefully reviewing the laptop makers out there, you’ve decided to go with HP. But do you know which model is right for you? Do you want a value-driven Pavilion, a stylish and high-performing Spectre or a superthin Envy? If you’re buying for a business, do you know the difference between an EliteBook and a ProBook?

Here’s a quick guide to HP’s laptop offerings. Below the description for each product line, we’ve listed a few standout models.

HP Spectre

Behind the Numbers

HP notebooks have names such as Spectre and Omen, but those names are often followed by numbers. You may not know what makes a ProBook 440 different from a ProBook 650, for instance, but there is a method to this numerical madness. The hundreds digit signifies the class of the device (higher is better), and the tens digit represents the size of the display (4 means 14-inch, and so on). Models with a 5 in the ones column feature AMD processors, and a 0 in that space means the laptop has an Intel processor.

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