USB 3.2’s horrible new branding scheme may create confusion for PC buyers

It’s hard to believe that USB branding has become more confusing, but it has.

The USB standard has just gotten even more confusing for end users. If you’re one of the three people in the world who actually knew the difference between USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB 3.1 Gen 1/Gen 2, and so on, …well, sorry: USB 3.2 has been announced, and all the names change once again.

On the bright side, the USB-IF makes it explicitly clear (PDF) that the latest USB 3.2 specification provides a whopping 20Gbps of throughput. But that’s about the only thing that’s straightforward, because USB 3.2 sucks up the previous specs and makes them part of its own. The new, horrifically-named spec is “USB 3.2 Gen 2×2.”

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