Top 5 Reasons to BUY or NOT buy the Lenovo V330 (15″)!

Lenovo V330 (15″) is marketed as a budget-friendly device suitable for business purposes. If it happens to catch your attention, then keep reading to find out its top 5 pros and cons.

3 reasons to buy Lenovo V330 (15″)

1. A cool device in terms of thermal management, suitable for extended work periods

Taking into account the results we got from the extreme stress tests we’ve conducted on the device, we can confirm that Lenovo V330 is made for keeping things cool, which contributes to the longevity of the hardware. For instance, the average temperature of the CPU was 66°C. What further reinforces our claims that this is a cool device is the surface temperatures which are a great example of how a business laptop should perform.

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