The 15 highest-performing PC components you can buy today

The best gear money can buy

One of the PC’s greatest strengths is its extreme flexibility. There’s a vast selection of hardware out there, of all different shapes and sizes and makes and models—so much so that even if your budget’s not a concern, buyer’s paralysis very well could be.

Fear not, fellow enthusiast. We’ve got your back. These are the 15 highest-performing PC components you can buy today. We’ve even done the homework to ensure they all work fine together if you’re looking to really splurge.


The heart of a PC is its processor. And when it comes to consumer PCs—business and data-center rigs are a whole ‘nother beast—there’s never been a CPU as potent as Intel’s beastly Core i7-6950X ($1,650 on Amazon), the first 10-core enthusiast processor.

The flagship Broadwell-E CPU is an utter monster. The chip’s 3.5GHz maximum clock speed may not be as fast as Skylake’s premiere models, but those 10 cores also support Hyper-Threading, giving you 20 usable threads for extreme tasks that chew through multiple processes. Those cores are bolstered by intriguing new features for enthusiasts like Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 and per-clock overclocking. The Core i7-6950X is easily Intel’s most powerful consumer chip ever, by a long shot—and it’s priced like it.

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