Silicon Power Armor A85 review

When the Silicon Power Armor A85 arrived, a few individuals got excited by the notion that we’d been sent a hip flask containing some rare libation. Sadly, we had not.

It turned out that while being the rough size and shape of that particular receptacle, the Armor A85 is actually an external hard drive which is built to be abused beyond all reasonable expectations. The 1TB model we reviewed retails at around £78 in the UK, $75 in the US, or if you’re in Australia, it will set you back about AU$109 (drive capacities go up to 5TB at the top-end).


There are only two items in the packaging: the Armor A85 itself and a short (32cm) USB cable that has Type-A superspeed connectors at both ends.

The advantage of this design is never worrying about which end to plug in. However, this layout isn’t a common USB cable, so misplacing it might prove problematic.


Silicon Power’s approach to avoiding that scenario is to make the join between the black cap and silver metal section a thick rubber band that you can use to hold the cable.

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