Samsung Notebook 9 Spin Review

Samsung’s new Notebook 9 Spin (priced at $1,199) takes the perennially attractive, lightweight design the company’s ATV line is known for and adds a pair of 360-degree hinges. The result, when matched with an Intel Core i7 CPU, is a lean, mean productivity machine — one that can bend over backward to get the job done. However, a shallow keyboard and below-average battery life are major drawbacks on what could have been a truly excellent laptop.


Welcome to the convertible party, Samsung! At first glance, the Spin looks a lot like previous notebooks in Samsung’s Ativ line. The svelte notebook’s chassis is made of familiar black aluminum, complete with a slightly raised chrome Samsung emblem and a metal-lined touchpad. However, the pair of metal 360-degree hinges reveals that the Spin can transform, similar to Lenovo’s Yoga series and Toshiba’s Radius line.

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